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  1. Flex + RB

    Been hating the last three days trying to figure this out haha. Need one from each... FLEX: John Brown (vs MIA) or Cooks (vs ATL) RB: Singletary (vs MIA), MG3 (vs TEN) or Lat Murray (vs CHI) I love John Brown against MIA, and Cooks gives me pause considering there's so many mouths to feed – but it's Atlanta, everyone could eat. I'm skeptical on running Murray vs Chicago, same with MG3 vs TEN, but the idea of starting both Brown/Singletary seems dicey. Time is running out!
  2. What up, Irish! Back in another pickle... I've got the majority of lineup set, but deciding on the last two spots (RB/Flex) is driving me nuts! QB: Watson RB: James White RB: WR: Julio WR: Lockett WR: Sutton TE: Kelce (sigh) FLEX: D/ST: Pats K: Lutz Bench (RB): MG3, Singletary, Mattison, Lat Murray Bench (WR): Cooks, Kirk, John Brown Bench (TE): Herndon At this point, I'm thinking about Cooks (vs ATL) as Flex over John Brown (vs MIA) because Brown is dealing with that groin issue. The RB slot is my toss up though... give MG3 another run (vs TEN), hope Singletary bounces back (vs MIA) or test Lat Murray (vs CHI) in Kamara's absense. I'm leaning Singletary because I don't trust LAC's o-line and hoping Kamara misses next week as well, so I can run Lat Murray against Arizona. Any help, either on my ideas or suggesting something totally different, is appreciated. Hope all is well, man.
  3. C. Kirk worth it ?

    definitely. gonna be great for the rest of the season.
  4. Wheeeew! Just updating on the week. Both Cooks and Thompson both manure the bed, but thankfully the Pats D came through (again) and I got the dub. 2-4, with a good schedule ahead. Excited! Thanks Irish.
  5. Who else is 1-4?

    unfortunately, all too well..
  6. Gallup or Kirk this week

    I've been acting like a crazy ex girlfriend, checking twitter accounts from random arizona beat writers hoping to get an idea about kirk's status. it's just so hard to ignore the falcons matchup.
  7. Who else is 1-4?

    Sounds about right. Got one Giants fan in our crew and he's clowned on religiously.
  8. I need REAL RB advice.

    Ingram (should feast against cinci) Cook (only because I can't imagine sitting him, but eagles run defense is stout) damn... Seattle might hold Chubb and force Mayfield to beat them (lol). Coleman will be sharing the rock. I'd go with Henry... should get yards and plenty of goal line work.
  9. Perfect! This is actually what I had in place originally, before I started to doubt any and everything. Should've just let it roll. Thanks again. Now, onto lurking through the rest of this forum.
  10. Hey Irish, new around here and I know we're not supposed to get along (Niners fan here), but was wondering if you'd help me with a little debate I'm having with myself as we approach the eleventh hour. Currently sitting 1-4 and need this week to stay in the mix. I've got to select 1WR + 1FLEX out of the following... Cooks (SF) + Sutton (TEN) + Thompson (MIA) Kirk is also in the mix, but considering he's a GTD and he's got the afternoon game, it's tough to lean on.
  11. Who else is 1-4?

    Oh no no no, Niners fan here. Just signed up around here. Gonna update my profile now.
  12. Who else is 1-4?

    In the exact same boat! I've got a fairly decent team, consistently in top half in scoring (10 team), but it's always something – lost first game of the year by .01 points (like, how!?), week three was a buzzsaw of Russ, Kupp, Cook, Cooper and Hooper (again, how!?) and just overall bad luck. Hoping to turn it around.