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  1. Best Week 15/16 Streamers

    Defenses there are a bunch like Ravens
  2. Locked a bye for the playoffs. Looking for the best QB, Defense, and Kicker for those weeks. Have: Wentz, Carr, K Murray Pats D Lutz as kicker Anywhere I should shore up? I have Parker and am salivating at a Fitzmagic to Parker combo those last weeks. Thoughts?
  3. A Rob, Gallup, Hunt for Hopkins

    Is it a bad deal for the other guy?
  4. Yes or no? I am looking to just upgrade at WR.
  5. Roster Help - Bad WR

    What could I get for him? And who would even trade for him to a 9-0 team?
  6. I have Lockett, Thielen, Allen Robinson, and Gallup for WR. Kamara, Cook, and Jacobs for RB. I will make the playoffs. Should I keep hunt or drop for Parker since my WR core is so bad?
  7. Last Roster Spot

    So I am 8-0 and probably gonna make the playoffs. If my starters stay healthy, I have my starts locked in for the remainder of the year, but I have a spot to fill from Chase Edmonds. Should I take a back like Kareem Hunt or do something else? I have two defenses (Pats/their by week) and three QB’s rostered to stream.
  8. MNF Help

    I am 3 pts ahead, winning my league by 2 games and have the pats D. I lock a win if I don’t start them, but I worried about the points for tiebreaker... what do I do?
  9. Trade? Keep to bolster weak RB roster? What to do?
  10. General Trade Advice for a Good Team

    Playoff schedule for Wentz is cake though.
  11. So. I have played Fantasy for years, but have rarely made trades. Right now I am 6-0 (likely 7-0 because I played against Mahomes/Kelce/Lindsay), and I am trying to secure my playoff run. In general, I don’t know what I should do to improve my team. I can tell that my RB’s are weak, but do I do trades like Montgomery/Brown for Josh Jacobs? I mean, what should I look for? What is your advice? *Didn’t mean to put Cook on my bench. Note he is on my team.
  12. what makes you think Kamara is better? Plus Sawuon has better playoff matchups.
  13. what makes you think Kamara is better? Plus Sawuon has better playoff matchups.
  14. I give Kamara and Hunter Henry for Saquon and a WR. Is this fair for a guy who just Dissly on IR. This is standard. I have Cook and Mark Andrews. I have a 6-0 record and thinking I am going to the playoffs, which I believe Saquon has the easiest schedule. How hard should I try to get this deal done? Should I not even get that extra WR?
  15. Big Injured RB Trade

    But you’d recommend getting him if i can?