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  1. Who to start?

    Anyone else have any input
  2. Who to start?

    Matt Ryan - Tampa Deshaun Wstson - Indy
  3. Full ppr

    Trade away kamara and lockett for fournette and julio
  4. Evans trade

    I think I am. I like evans by he's so inconsistent.
  5. Evans trade

    I'd love too. The only issue is he has 3 wr on bye and hes trading by tomorrow. It's now or he goes to someone else. I'll take a loss this week. It's a non divisional game and the guy is pretty weak. I may win anyway.
  6. Evans trade

    2wr 2rb 1flex
  7. Evans trade

    I have a couple trade opportunities for evans. Two options full ppr. I currently have Evans, Lockett, Sutton, Brown Kamara, lyndsay, ty johnson, R. Penny. Evans and Sutton for Michael Thomas and either Sanders or #1 waiver pick Or Evans, lyndsay for Chubb and Fitzgerald Which should I go after if any?
  8. Chubb trade

    I may be able to get woods as well
  9. Chubb trade

    Should I trade away Evans, olsen and Lyndsay for Chubb I have Kamara and ty johnson Lockett, sutton and brown Everett
  10. Who to start?

    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 flex, 1 TE Kamara, Lyndsay, Ty Johnson Evens, Lockett, Sutton, Brown Olsen, Everett
  11. Brown or Sutton at flex. PPR.
  12. Kareem Hunt

    Thoughts on Hunt? I possibly have a chance to trade Sutton for him. Not sure if I should pursue this. Should I be worried about Chubb?
  13. I have kamara. Looks like he's out the next 3 weeks. I have Kerryon and that's pretty much it. Pretty much streaming backs now. Someone offered me Jacobs and Coleman for Kamara. Or Jacobs and Coleman for Kerryon and Evan's. I need to do something. Other receivers I have are lockett, sutton, and crowder. And ideas?
  14. I have Kerryon. He's only produced more than 50 yards on one occasion. JJs schedule is looking pretty good. I think I'm gonna go ahead with the trade.