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  1. Pick 2 Wrs

    Cooper kupp vs Baltimore Amari Cooper New England Dj Moore vs NO pick 2 to start pull ppr league
  2. Antonio Brown?

    Would you drop terry McLaurin to hold Ab. Just in case lol
  3. Wr Start ?

    Golladay vs Dallas John brown vs Miami full ppr league, who get the start?
  4. Trade advise. Accept??

    I was receiving Kamara and Godwin not trading away
  5. I was offered Kamara and Chris Godwin for Lamar Jackson and Edelman I have dak as my back up Qb so I feel I can still maintain top 5 value at qb give it take a few spots. do I make this trade ?
  6. Offered Alvin Kamara and Chris Godwin I give up Edelman and Lamar Jackson I have dak as my back up Qb do I make this trade ASAP lol I kinda feel I should
  7. Which Wr play

    Z.Pascal Indy vs Miami D.Parker Miami vs Indy
  8. Which Wr to start ??

    D.Parker vs Ind J.Crowder vs Giants.
  9. Start: D.Waller vs Chargers L.Bell vs Giants choosing between these 2 for my flex play full ppr.
  10. Which WR SITS?

    I think Aj being back helps take the focus off boyd.
  11. Tom Brady for the long run?

    Ok, yea if you can land that trade that’s good.
  12. Andrews for Woods Advice

    Woods would be fighting for a flex spot. Not much benefit for you.
  13. Which TE to Pick Up........

    Olsen or Witten. Witten has been a consistent 8-10pts. Not much but you will get it out of him in a ppr league.
  14. Tom Brady for the long run?

    Wrs? And you got a Te to back ingram
  15. Which WR SITS?