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  1. Teddy Bridgewater Cleared to Practice

    AS a Vikes Homer (self admitting) this is a great thing for Teddy. There is not a more likable player on the team. He gives time to any charity and is very polite/patient with fans with his time also. BY all reports Teddy has worked himself back as hard as possible and whether or not he plays again with MN, he is always a guy I will root for..
  2. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    now the ?? is... Flash in the pan or breakout star? Any Chi Homers got inside scoop?
  3. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    His 18MM includes a roster bonus due MAr 1 I am pretty sure so it seems automatic that MN will waive him before then. At that point his asking price is not 18 MM and you can guess it is closer to 7-8MM. I hope he stays as a MN fan but not likely from all reports.
  4. Tom Brady to retire?

    While I agree that he "could" play 3 more years the reality of life in the NFL is as you age you slow down and players get younger & faster etc... The mind might be willing but the health of his OL will determine how many years he can go yet... Once the decline starts is goes quickly ala Montana, Farve and Manning... JMO... so 3 years??? I say at this point he is year to year.
  5. La$ Vega$ Raider$

    Vegas... Football LIVE... the only problem is the total loss of time in Vegas... I probably would miss the game entirely.
  6. IN espn interview AP talked about 3 possible locations to land next year... As a MN fan it will be hard to see him go as he has meant a lot to this team (but he cannot be paid $18MM next year...) SO the mentioned options were Giants, Bucs and Texans... Bucs are up and coming team with good Qb but are they the fit for a runner (that still struggles with blitz pick up) like AP? I say no... especially if Qb gets drilled... Texans... I see this as a possible fit with that strong Def and mid level QB but would the fan base want another aging RB with injury issues last year... But he is a Tx guy so maybe. Giants... Bright lights big city, QB that would use the running game, great receivers, good Def... I see this as an option for him... IMO the best fit of those 3... Of course if he misses a blitz pick up and Eli losses his head from his body then maybe not... Discuss...
  7. Went up against McCoy Freeman and Cooks... had the 2nd best score this week but it really didn't matter... Had Montgomery on my bench but still would have got beat.
  8. I am not saying I disagreed with the deal I think we had to do something... anything... all I am saying is when the chips are on the line and the rush is coming I see him look down and brace for impact (see late games of past 5-6 weeks) when the BETTER QBs in the League move the pocket buy a second and hit someone to win a game. NOW with our OL playing the what 6 or 7th best tackle we have at this point I understand him trying not to get killed but CMON MAN you get paid the big bucks to snatch victory from tough situations like that... I did not say it was fair or easy but that is why QBS get paid like they do, right? ok it might be the 5th and 6th best OT we have playing right now... but you get my point...
  9. As a MN fan I hope this is wrong but Hasselback and Dilfer called him a "driving range pro"... he can wow you with all the throws and is money until the money is on the line and then he shrinks from the moment. JMO.
  10. We all have "that guy" that gets exactly what he needs to sneak by Monday nite after Monday nite... well for this season that guy is me. 4 weeks in a row I have won because on Monday nite I either got exactly enough points or my opponent came up just short... 4 weeks 4 wins less than 1 pt 3x and less than 2 pts the other. I am checking under my car before I start it every time now as I have buddies ready to do great bodily harm to me. The best part is being able to rub it in to those guys... not the best decision for my health but my FF league is a group of buddies from WAAAAAYYYY back and the only reason we play is to give each other crap. I know I am tempting fate by bragging on this but this run has been so much fun this year I don't care. I know many of you play FF for the $$ but this year I found the fun in playing FF again. And I needed it as the last few years I have been getting tired of the grind and always checking stuff and paying for the Huddle etc... but I am now reenergized and remember why we do all this stuff... TO GET UNDER OUR BUDDIES SKIN! God I love FF!
  11. MNF

    To be fair I HATE HC Ryan but even I thought that was such clusterfluck at the end of the half and then at the end of the game... Sherman must be a no calls allowed CB because that is 2 END of GAME plays that he blatantly held/fouled and no flag was thrown, of course the Julio one was worse but cmon man... refs were horrible.
  12. Blair Walsh Project

    When he talks about the team no longer having faith in him... it s O-V-E-R!
  13. News on Maclin?

    Anybody got the scoop?
  14. Gordon killed me (33 Pts) in a week when scores in our league are down 30-40 pts vs normal weekend. No teams over 100 in our format when almost everybody is over most weeks..