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  1. Who has been here since the 90s?

    01... for me
  2. Unfortunately A Brown is out, D Adams got his 2nd Concussion of the year, and Zeke will be back so I cannot use Morris... (3 starters from a thin bench needed...) I have a chip and a chair at least but without top 2 WR this could be tough... Injury bug did not hit me too badly (by comparison) most of the year so I guess I was due.
  3. I am so sick of NFL catch rules...

    I agree but it seems they utilize this rule more and more... they take the stance that a receiver can fumble the ball if he has possession and 2 feet down and makes a "football move"... Like reaching for end zone??? or change of direction??? or avoiding contact??? hmmm when does it apply and when does it not? the rule is too vague as to when it applies so they apply it whenever they want, that is the issue.
  4. lmao @ PIT

    The rule is the issue, we have seen this many times now that "when is a catch complete to the ground"... This rule is so broad as to when it is used or applied... I argue they apply this rule way too often. The catch in this play and "The Dez play" for example had a catch/control in playing field... then the player then made a "football move" to reach for the goal... again with control... There at that point the breaking the plane rule should be in effect. Now, that is not how the NFL rules this stuff (which is the problem IMO) but to argue that is not a catch when we see catch and a move to score I think that speaks for itself. NFL needs to address this as this is a regular occurrence lately... For the record I hate both Brady (pure jealousy I guess) and RaperBurger (POS) so I really didn't want either to win.
  5. OK not a fan of Pit or Raperburger but when is the NFL gonna fix this surviving the ground contact BS? A guy has the ball has legal contact in the field of play stretches for the goal and then we have him slam into the ground... now if he would NOT of had to change directions and make a play for the goal line then I could maybe see the relevance of the rule (alah Dez B a few years ago... another guy who is not in my favs, but got screwed) but there is so much crap at the goal line already. If a runner jumps and sticks the ball out then gets hit just as he crosses the line its a touchdown not a fumble but in the case of a catch you add additional requirements in that he must meet the ground contact. Just seems like lawyers are ruining the game and this is getting stupid. Now the interpretation of the rule as it stands was correct but the whole thing is stupid and needs to be addressed. Where is the common sense?
  6. Teddy Bridgewater Cleared to Practice

    AS a Vikes Homer (self admitting) this is a great thing for Teddy. There is not a more likable player on the team. He gives time to any charity and is very polite/patient with fans with his time also. BY all reports Teddy has worked himself back as hard as possible and whether or not he plays again with MN, he is always a guy I will root for..
  7. The Electric Tarik Cohen

    now the ?? is... Flash in the pan or breakout star? Any Chi Homers got inside scoop?
  8. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    His 18MM includes a roster bonus due MAr 1 I am pretty sure so it seems automatic that MN will waive him before then. At that point his asking price is not 18 MM and you can guess it is closer to 7-8MM. I hope he stays as a MN fan but not likely from all reports.
  9. Tom Brady to retire?

    While I agree that he "could" play 3 more years the reality of life in the NFL is as you age you slow down and players get younger & faster etc... The mind might be willing but the health of his OL will determine how many years he can go yet... Once the decline starts is goes quickly ala Montana, Farve and Manning... JMO... so 3 years??? I say at this point he is year to year.
  10. La$ Vega$ Raider$

    Vegas... Football LIVE... the only problem is the total loss of time in Vegas... I probably would miss the game entirely.
  11. IN espn interview AP talked about 3 possible locations to land next year... As a MN fan it will be hard to see him go as he has meant a lot to this team (but he cannot be paid $18MM next year...) SO the mentioned options were Giants, Bucs and Texans... Bucs are up and coming team with good Qb but are they the fit for a runner (that still struggles with blitz pick up) like AP? I say no... especially if Qb gets drilled... Texans... I see this as a possible fit with that strong Def and mid level QB but would the fan base want another aging RB with injury issues last year... But he is a Tx guy so maybe. Giants... Bright lights big city, QB that would use the running game, great receivers, good Def... I see this as an option for him... IMO the best fit of those 3... Of course if he misses a blitz pick up and Eli losses his head from his body then maybe not... Discuss...
  12. Went up against McCoy Freeman and Cooks... had the 2nd best score this week but it really didn't matter... Had Montgomery on my bench but still would have got beat.
  13. I am not saying I disagreed with the deal I think we had to do something... anything... all I am saying is when the chips are on the line and the rush is coming I see him look down and brace for impact (see late games of past 5-6 weeks) when the BETTER QBs in the League move the pocket buy a second and hit someone to win a game. NOW with our OL playing the what 6 or 7th best tackle we have at this point I understand him trying not to get killed but CMON MAN you get paid the big bucks to snatch victory from tough situations like that... I did not say it was fair or easy but that is why QBS get paid like they do, right? ok it might be the 5th and 6th best OT we have playing right now... but you get my point...
  14. As a MN fan I hope this is wrong but Hasselback and Dilfer called him a "driving range pro"... he can wow you with all the throws and is money until the money is on the line and then he shrinks from the moment. JMO.