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  1. the first to get the axe

    Tice...new owner doesn't spend 600M on a team and have them play like that. I am a solid Vikes Homer, but get him out. NOW.
  2. Trade offer

    Standard performance league 12 teams Already have Edge at #1 RB with Duece or DD at #2 Also have M anderson and C Benson on my bench. In my mind I don't really improve but we instituted a 1Pt per rec this year so is DD worth more then?
  3. Auction Draft strategy...

    Amen Caveman!
  4. Auction Draft strategy...

    Now I did say "kinda" got stuck, I am not completely unhappy about getting LJ. It did make me adjust my bids somewhat but certainly I wouldn't risk my entire draft just to get someone to spend 2 more dollars. LJ hopefully will pay dividends in the future weeks! at least he is trade bait.
  5. Got caught at our auction last night...Kinda... I already had Edge and Duece on the roster, Larry johnson was up and NOBODY was bidding at all and the guy with Priest was gonna get him for next to zero! So I bid and bid until I had him up to a fair value, only problem is Priest owner walked away :doah: and now I have edge Duece and LJ and am short $$ for WR's Anyway I did manage to get it done pretty good at WR anyway but I had to let 2 guys I wanted pass for a couple of dollars. Only so many bullets to fire at an auction... Last year I got stuck with Dillon (wasn't on my want list, but that worked out well) Now I am hoping for a Priest scare so the trade offer comes! A topnotch WR will be a fair price! Anybody else get caught trying to bid up somebody?
  6. Auction draft penalties

    we also have someone keeping track but it is up to the owners to know how much money they have and keep it accurate! We had someone screw up last year and spend an extra $3 but we survived. My advice is later in the draft do an audit of all totals to make sure. we did it (team a checks team b etc) that kept everybody on task to figure it out.
  7. Steve Smith

    I haven't heard much, other than stuff about RB's and 2nd WR from Panther country. Does Smith look like he did prior to the injury? I am banking on him being a stud this year in my buddy league, and am thinking about taking him in a money league also.
  8. Concerns over Vikings Defense

    If TW turns into the playmaker "Tice and the rest of the brain trust" says he will the trade will be a success but remember for all the BS we had with Moss, he was a game breaker not just a playmaker, but someone they had to account for each play. I hope it all works out as I had a heck of a time rooting for Moss and that side of me is glad to see him talking about Josh Gordon use now that he doesn't play for us anymore. What a player, what a putz.
  9. Jim Kelly's son dies

    my Prayers are going out to the family.
  10. Your Fantasy Specialty

    drink beer and razzing the other people in the league. Winning scoring title but NEVER winning in the playoffs!
  11. anybody have experience with EA SPorts? We are looking at trying it this year?
  12. Hines Ward

    Swerski hit it right on the nail... 1 you promised to get this done. 2 you need to get it done, pay him. I mean nobody is disputing he deserves more money, pay him. And pay him some guaranteed money not the in 6 yrs you get $10M if we don't cut you.
  13. The Truth About Recption Points

    we had a flex position that could include an extra QB but we took it out as it seemed unreal to have 2 qbs. Yeah I know "unreal" in Fantasy Football, but that just seemed wrong and we disallowed them as a flex player. But your system seems interesting.
  14. I know this gets beat to death but...Is the Det roster as loaded with potential as it looks Roy Williams, Mike Williams, Charles Rogers, Kevin Johnson at WR picked up Pollard at TE, Kevin Jones with Jamel White 3rd down back. And Joey "Make it or Break it Year" Harrington... he cost me last year. Is this the year for him or does Mooch's pal from SF Garcia get to drive this Offense? I know we have some kitty fans around here! What is your opinion? and which is more covetted in the draft?
  15. RBBC in Tennessee?

    for me Norm Chow makes Titan players interesting to me, that guy has a way with making offenses dangerous. Does that translate to the NFL???? I would give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I will likely be looking at brown/henry and other tenn players because of Chow more than anything else. If the price is right they could be steals. If the price is right! with all the RBBC talk and McNair not being like he used to be and Mason leaving I think there will be some real bargains in Tenn Titans players. JMO