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  1. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

    exactly monty is the better player its just his team keeping him down. When nagy was criticized then he said he would run more and monty went off a few weeks...then they abandoned it again. i would still choose monty over singeltary
  2. Pick 2 for this Week

    i like what u did there....dont think anyone noticed...not even you lol

    So after some talking we have decided to do a league next year with guys from this forum. So far we have 4 people. Montana is da Man, League Champion, Comm1, and myself. This will be a 10 or 12 person league depending on how many sign up. Who else would like to join? Buy in will be 50 dollars to keep it mostly friendly but still very competitive with money on the line. 1st 2nd and 3rd will go home with cash. We will use for payments so that everyone is comfortable. Reply to this post with your email address so invites can be sent. Thanks and looking forward to whipping each and everyone of you!
  4. in a points league...I need help this week please

    yea my buddy wants to dump him and partner with me now...there a few big ones with one that is a 1k buy in 12 team so the payouts are very nice. I won my big league buy in that was 650 2 years ago...i actually used it as a down payment on my new house...oh man you have no idea the bragging i did when they were over actually inside the house. Lets just say they didnt come over that much that year. And then i won again this year as well....they hate me lol
  5. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

  6. Pick 2 RB This Week Only

    ill start it up...we can use leaguesafe so that everyone is comfortable with sending there money. if its not for money i want nothing to do with it nobody plays hard for free. I will start a post to get people aware for next year
  7. in a points league...I need help this week please

    lmao sounds like my buddy...his partner ruined every league for him...hes like im done with him...and they were together for years. im starting a dynasty next year and they are going to go head to head for the first time. my buddy wants to rip him apart
  8. Pick 2 RB This Week Only

  9. in a points league...I need help this week please

    i have a friend thats partners with a guy that they always disagree and he lost them every title because of his tinkering and decisions..i even whipped him the one week he sat rodgers and he has the best game of his career lol
  10. in a points league...I need help this week please

    im telling you dude we would be good partners...we always think the same
  11. Pick 2 RB This Week Only

    your stuck with me for might as well join a league im in....this way i can show you how to win titles
  12. Do I Win?

    Tannehill and AJ Brown killed it for me too end of the year and championship...i think i dropped Goff that week he had 3 points and went with Tannehill...always had AJ on bench but for the last 2 weeks and playoffs i had him in and he killed it for me. AJ brown will be a 2nd round pick all day long next year. if you can, watch matthew berry interviewing him and giving his espn projections for the year... brown says that they are so wrong and he will crush projections by 2x... well he did even better than that by 3x or 4x. I will be grabbing him and Tannehill again next year. If im not able to grab my usual Mahomes Kelce pair...there are few teams you can do that with and titans became the next one.... even give me some Henry ill ride hard on those 3.
  13. Pick 2 RB This Week Only

    did you like that?😜
  14. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

    they are gonna start running the ball with monty more...side bet monty outscores Singletary next year
  15. Pick 2 RB This Week Only

    DFS is for people that cant win Fantasy Football...i could see why you like it