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  1. 3 big trades what do you think?

    Not a bad trade, but Gurley just doesn't excite me anymore since he can't cut anymore. Singletary on waivers? What about ronald jones? Freeman is terrible and got ran over by KC defense, so you are in the right mindset to get rid of him.
  2. I Own Lamar Jackson and NE D what do I do ??

    I would trade the NE defense now while the value is the highest it will be all year. They have the easiest schedule through the first 8 games. Not saying their defense is bad, but they are gonna probably recede some. So getting top value for them now would allow you to add a player and pick up a solid defense like KC that most people are not on to yet.
  3. Start or Sit??

  4. Running Back decision tonight

    Personally I always start Thursday night RB's. It is a short week and hard to get fancy, so teams run the ball a lot.
  5. San Fran D or New England D?

    I think NE D is about to go way downhill. Honestly they haven't played anyone but the Bills and the Bills actually scored more offensive points in that game.
  6. David Montgomery

    He had 27 carries. I don't know if he will get that many every game. I personally don't have him in my starting lineup.
  7. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    Update. After pushing the trade though and us committing to getting them the entry fee for the league I woke up today and couldn't log into to my team. I was blocked. Honestly it couldn't have worked out any better. I got to leave the league and I don't have to pay. I knew they would not be able to stand someone else getting a free top 5 player. So at the end of the day, there is something you can do about cheating league managers Happy fantasy everyone
  8. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    So in Epic fashion, one of the cheaters, the one who received Hopkins, has to play RR this week. His lineup is averaging 106 without a kicker and RR lineup is averaging 131 without a TE. Lets see how they like getting beat in a pivotal game after the team you lost to just took advantage of another owner in a trade.
  9. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    Yea I think you are correct on the latter. The guy who tanked his team recently won the Super Bowl twice. Which I think played a role in him not giving a crap after he went 0-5
  10. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    I will try to next year. Hard to let it go, we have all been friends a long long time. At least the core 5 of us.
  11. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    Well I am not tanking really. My team is still ok. I got mahommes, ingram, ekeler and singletary, Lativius but my WR do suck lol MVS, Corey Davis, DJ Moore. Those are the kind of receivers you get when you go RB heavy in the draft. So when you have some guy that gives up nothing to get Mike Evans it def irritates you. PS thats what I mean, I hold Latavius all year knowing I am playing the LM late in the year, hoping Kamara would be out. What do you know the week we play each other Kamara is out and Latavius puts up 27 points....... but I still lose, all cause he took advantage of some guy in a trade that had a firesale on his team. So I am not going to tank, but they are going to have a hard time beating RR now, he was also the champ last year. Same thing last year, LM team is average, he makes a crazy trade, gets the #1 seed then loses to RR that had to win out lol So thats why this is the perfect Karma for them. But I won't tank, just cause they didn't.
  12. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    Colluded? I offered him a trade he accepted. I didn't talk to him about it before. Like you guys said, there is nothing I can do about them cheating. BUT I can protest, and this is my way of doing so. BTW nothing about this is fake. We have been playing in this league for 15 years. The trophy has been going around since 2006. It is extremely competitive and close every year. The guy that tanked his team has won 2-3 times. So he tried a new strategy this year, got burned, and then tanked his team. Total BS. It is not about the money for me, it is about the integrity of the league and letting this guy know what he did was wrong and he ruined the league. YOU CANT FIRESALE YOUR TEAM if you are pretty much out of the playoffs. Been that way since the beginning. We are not talking about a trade. The guy got rid of his 2 best players. Getting rid of your best players never makes you better. Just imagine if he had that 43 points from evans and hopkins this week He would have scored 100 not 75. And the beneficiary would have scored 115 not 143. And the guy had ekeelr!!! He traded him too, and traded Hooper. He LITERALLY had a firesale on his team week 5. Not cool. It is extremely abrnomal to score 143 in our league, you pretty much cant do it unless you rip someone off. If you can score 100 points in our league you will win most days. Maybe now that this happened they will fix it for next year.
  13. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    I thought a lot about this trade. It is a trade that makes my friends team as competitive as the 2 cheaters, and it is a trade that cannot be vetoed based on rules. But we all know I am getting the manure end of the trade, even though numbers wise its a halfway fair deal. Kind of like getting evans for rob and burkehead just because evans had a few bad games And now this week they are playing my buddy, so let's see how they like it, I am just trying to "shake things up" because the league has 5 teams at 4-4
  14. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    that is the whole point of the trade though After crying about it all day he finally pushed it through, after I told him that I wasn't paying if he vetoed the trade. Now my friends team is stacked he has:
  15. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    Im giving Barkley. The trade is on hold for now lol He goes "I don't know whether or not to push the trade through and let it ride or delete you both." I knew it would be different if he wasn't getting someone out of the deal.