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  1. What is Juju's value at this point?
  2. Schuster versus other options (ROS)

    Are you suggesting dropping Juju for Gallup would make sense?
  3. Feel like I'm being a pest and asking an annoying question but here goes anyway. Really shallow (6 team) PPR league, fun/ no money league. All set everywhere except WR. Rostered: Kupp, Edelman. Diggs, Thielen (OUT, DEN?, BYE, SEA) and Schuster (LAR, CLE, CIN, CLE). Available in my league: Ridley (NO, CAR, TB, NO) 12.9 points per game avg. Huge matchups coming up, especially that week 12 matchup with Diggs on BYE. Gallup (MIN, DET, NE, BUF) 14.4 points per game avg, shaky matchups in week 12,13 Watkins (TEN, LAC, BYE, OAK) 14.0 points per game avg but losing some touches to Hill? Tate (NYJ, BYE, CHI GB) 13.8 points per game avg, seems like Shepard might never come back. Kirk, Marquise Brown and Hilton are also available. Riskier for different reasons obviously. JuJu's played 8 games. Averaging 11.9 points. Everywhere I look Juju's ranked ROS above all of these options but I'm having trouble seeing why. Thielen's hammy is a problem, however seems like his upside is too high to drop him right? I might only get one more week out of him. I'm on the bubble with the playoffs. Sitting 4-5 this week, need to win 2 more weeks to make the #4 seed probably. At this point stashing for the playoffs seems like a bad idea.
  4. Interesting timing given my post directly below yours...
  5. I've been stockpiling RBs and this week will play 4. My ranking/thoughts for this week (PPR): Saquon Barkley at Jets- last 3 games 21,27,20 touches, 7.6 targets (guessing 18 carries for 80 and 5 catches for 25 and a TD) Jets last 3 games 78.3y/g , Fantasy points against season ranking 22nd I mean he's a no brainer so even if Jets D is stronger vs run, whatever. This might even be his breakout week if the Jets do Jets things and give up a few short fields. Chris Carson at SF- last 3 games 24,20,18 touches, 2.7 targets (guessing 20 carries for 110 and 2 catches for 10 and maybe a TD) SF last 3 games 129.0 y/g, fantasy points against season rankings 3rd (DVOA doesn't love them vs the run tho, rated #20). SF suppresses passing and Seattle loves to run so this is also seeming like a no brainer. SF is a much scarier matchup for pass catchers IMO. David Montgomery home Detroit- last 3 games 4,31,17 touches, 3.3 targets (guessing 20 carries for 115 and 2 catches for 15, probably a TD). Detroit last 3 games 139.0 y/g, fantasy points against season ranking 32nd Detroit gives up a lot of short fields and tons of yards (anecdotal- I didn't look this up). Monty had success against LAC and even was able to score big against PHI. The Bears seem to have figured out that Trubisky kind of sucks so Monty's likely going to be focus of the game plan, have to assume?? Here's where I'm not sure... Melvin Gordon at OAK- last 3 games 18,10, 23 touches, 3.3 targets (guessing 15 carries for 75 and 3 catches for 25, probably a TD) Oakland last 3 games 93.0 y/g, fantasy points against season ranking 18th Feeling like there's a chance that the new OC and his shaking off the rust, this has potential to be a big game for him. Hesitation here is that Oakland has been a bit more stout against the run lately. Hoping that "Fantasy stud" MG is here to stay. Seems like he's safely now the feature back for running plays and goal line work. Devin Singletary at CLE- last 3 games 7,7,23 touches, 3.3 targets (guessing 15 carries for 100 yards and 3 catches for 25, probably a TD). Cleveland last 3 games 125.3 y/g. fantasy points against season rank 24th. My gut says that Buffalo had figured Singletary as the lead back and leaned on Gore to help ease him back into the saddle. He out-snapped Gore 42/18 and 41/21 the last two weeks (similar to week 1 48/19) . I think they like him out of the backfield too. Upside tho is huge for him this week. Super worried though that he might only get 7-10 carries. Need him more next week so I'm OK with stashing him this week and waiting things out. Tevin Coleman home Seattle. Last 3 games 22,13,14 touches. (guessing 13 carries for 80 yards, 2 catches for 10 and maybe a TD???). Seattle last 3 games 122.3 y/g fantasy points against season rank 11th. Got burned by the Coleman- Brieda split last week. Bummer though because the last 4 weeks have been 43/28, 42/17, 32/19, 41/29 in favor of Coleman. Is Coleman considered the lead back? Do defenses stack the box more when Coleman's in the game so he's getting more snaps but fewer or even carries? Do they like him more in pass protection? What is going ON here. Seattle's defense doesn't seem like a super run or pass funnel with both units being below average DVOA. Only the Fantasy points against run D seems above average but that could just be who they've faced how their opponents have scored TDs
  6. Kareem Hunt

    I actually think he's eligible to play week 10. My brother has Chubb and I face him next week. I would be so, so very happy to have Hunt vulture a TD from Chubb while I'm facing off against him next week. My son picked up Hunt a week ago. Queue menacing laugh. Also for what it's worth, he's been healing from a sports hernia so the reluctance may be both things.
  7. Someone in my league just dropped Boyd. With Green coming back would you rank him above Ridley? His schedule is 10 BAL/ 11 OAK/ 12 PIT/ 13 NYJ/ 14 CLE/ 15 NE/ 16 MIA/ 17 CLE- That looks like a well above average set of matchups for a WR but how much of a downgrade will he get due to the QB situation, AJ Green coming back and the emergence of Auden Tate?
  8. Bears D vs Steelers D

    Slight edge Bears for me but yeah, that's a tossup. Personally I think Philly's O is a riskier matchup (not impossible to see them dropping 30+ this week) but I'm with you on Pitt's D/ sacks. The turnovers look better than they are because of lol Miami last week. Sportsline projections: Sacks- PIT 2.48/ CHI 2.05 Int. PIT 0.68/ CHI 0.62 FR- CHI 1.22/ PIT 1.0 PA- PIT 19/ CHI 22 Fantasypros expert picks are PIT 14/ CHI 16 Fantasypros projections are a tie at 5.9
  9. Thank you for your time and thoughts Irish.
  10. Hi all. I'm new. Not a very experienced manager, playing in a really shallow fun league (no $) with my son/brother/nephew and 2 of my son's friends. That does not mean that I don't want to win . So the league is obviously really shallow. PPR/ Espn league. There are 2 juggernaut teams that will probably finish 9-4, three that will finish around .500 and one that seems destined to finish last (very experimental approach- my son). I'm hoping to be 3-4 seed and surprise one of the juggernauts. Anyway, here's my team (1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/2flex/dst/k) PPR. QB- Deshaun Watson, Drew Brees (just picked him up for my week 10 bye and week 13 Hou/NE- both Atlanta matchups for Brees). RB- S. Barkley, Chris Carson, flex Tevin Coleman, Melvin Gordon, David Montgomery WR- Cooper Kupp (bye), Adam Thielen, Julian Edelman, flex Stefon Diggs, Juju Smith-Schuster TE- Travis Kelce DST- Bills (week 9-12, will roll off waivers for 13 on) K- Greg Zuerlein (bye), Brett Maher (who I just picked up for Greg's bye). Facing the one of the juggernauts this week (projecting as a 147.4 vs 157.4 underdog right now, my opponent dropped over 200 points last week without Davante Adams, eew). Will probably lose this week but have winnable matchups in weeks 10,11 and 12. So my question is this: Should I drop Greg Z and roll off waivers for the rest of the year at K to pick up available players before they get picked up? I'm going to put in a claim for one or two of them next Tuesday depending on how things go with MG (I mean, you'd favor Eckler wouldn't you??) this week under the new OC or Juju bombing for the hundredth time (haven't played him in a long time, wasting a lot of bench space on him): Available players in my league: RB- Devin Singletary. Buffalo has an easy schedule that matches up well with my byes and rough matchups. Week 11 both my RB1 and RB2 are on bye, he is facing Miami and I'm up against a beatable team that week. I feel like he's about to blow up (snap count seems likely back to 2:1 vs Gore, they'll probably stop babying him soon) and I'll be stuck trying to beat the crowd to him. Also available but schedules that don't mesh well with my byes/matchups- Mixon, Drake, McCoy, Jordan Howard, Breida, Hyde. WR- Calvin Ridley. Has great matchups in weeks 10 (NO),11 (Car),12 (TB),13 (NO). Kind of Thielen hammy insurance? WR- Christian Kirk- bad matchups/BYE for 3 of the next 4 weeks but he might be the Home Run Week 10 (TB) that puts that week in the bag for me- Thielien/Diggs are facing Dallas and Chris Carson is facing SF. Can probably wait a week to pick him up given his SF matchup will make him look less appealing this week. His schedule week 13 on looks good so kind of a sneaky playoff stash stud? Also available but don't mesh quite as well for my team: Sammy Watkins (similar schedule to Kirk in terms of how it fits my team), Michael Gallup, Alshon Jeffrey, Mike Williams, and one of my binkies Golden Tate. Instinct says I'm going to drop Maher and pick up Kirk after the week. I won't be brave enough to drop Juju or Melvin Gordon, ever holding out hope that some day I'll trust them enough to actually put them in the lineup.