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  1. S Watkins Kittle Brieda D Samuel Valdes Scantling Mostert
  2. What y’all think?

    I just want to head and went with Aaron Jones and the third string tight end for the Texans hopefully get me a few points or maybe a touchdown if I’m lucky. I’m in third worth 60 points but a lot of people have a lot of players from today’s game last night I only have Aaron Jones basically left
  3. What y’all think?

    Lynch Hyde Or D Williams?
  4. What y’all think?

    Also which Dst tmrw?
  5. What y’all think?

    Well I touched him. Looked good till they had to chase from behind. I’m in 3 rd not looking good tho I got 1 rd 1 te and DST left for tmrw i can do These rb lynch Hyde Johnson homer te Hollister or jimmy graham or whoever starts Texans pick one rb and one TE
  6. Hopkins or D Adams ?

    I seen on twitter Ingram will be monitored and Andrews close to 100% so I’m going Hollywood and andrews and Watson. What about flex Andrews or Hopkins or T hill. I got Jones and lynch in rb
  7. Hopkins or D Adams ?

    @Montana is da Man @League_Champion
  8. Hopkins or D Adams ?

    And Hurst or Hollister. Andrews will be out if not limited last I heard
  9. Standard 6 pt per td 5 pt per 100 yard rec
  10. What y’all think?

    I just don’t think Henry is going to get the 335 points that is worth. And I also believe he will be highly owned so I went with Jones. If you guys think Metcalf is a must go even though 70% of my league take him Let me know I can switch around feeling and a running back to put Metcalf in Thielen spot
  11. What y’all think?

    Jackson Hyde Jones Hill Samuel Thielen Hurst Hollwood Texans That’s what I’m rolling with is there anybody in here that you guys think is a no go let me know in the next Hour LOL I went with feeling over Metcalf because I believe the injury will scare away some people and Metcalf is going to be highly owned in a 14 person league He only had a few stitches on his ankle I’m sure a few stitches wouldn’t stop me and I’m not no Adam Thielen
  12. What y’all think?

    I took Hyde instead. I didn’t notice I Could grab him
  13. What y’all think?

    Is Gus Edwards a safe play? Ingram is slated to play but he would basically be my fill spot for hopefully 8-10 pts
  14. What y’all think?

    @Montana is da Man @League_Champion which pair? Henry and Hollister or A Jones And Kittle