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  1. Roster advice

    Hill and Baltimore
  2. Robinson has a good match up this week. Be looking for trubisky to be dumping off them passes 🙄
  3. Pick a RB

  4. Safe to play Fuller?

    I took pascal as my captain. He has zero points and I’m still winning the league 🙄 lmao
  5. Safe to play Fuller?

    Well good thing I took him before I read this 🤪
  6. TE start

    Ehh Fells
  7. His status is questionable but the Texans said they are confident he will play. Do you see him getting a lot of targets? Is he a safe flex spot?
  8. Texans D

    Who is ganna ride out tonight? My captain gets 1.5X on points. I’m between the Texans Defense or Hopkins. If I put the Texans in Captain I can fit more studs in my Flex. You guys see a low or high scoring game tonight?
  9. Who do i drop?

    Yes drop Brown
  10. Playoff Run help!!

    Well he’s been limited if not out last few weeks. I think a leg injury. He does get the targets tho when he’s healthy. Guess I wouldn’t say low. But I’d much rather have a Andrews or a Waller. But it don’t take away from your team being straight stacked so I’d just leave as is.
  11. Playoff Run help!!

    The only spot you are kind of low is TE.