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  1. Mosert or Watkins Flex

    J Robinson or Watkins?
  2. Ppr S Watkins R Mosert
  3. Where can I improve?

    I swear after I posted this and seen that I put in for him LOL I dropped McCoy for him I did not even notice he was on there he was dropped yesterday for The Los Angeles chargers running back. Crazy if you ask me
  4. Wentz or Stafford this week?

    Stafford. He is pissed. I love the chemistry with Amendelo I’ve seen come along since last year. Also you got the deep deep threats. Stafford will be tossing it.I see a 25/35 370 2td
  5. Godwin out who should I flex?

    Everyone sleeping on James. I see a 1000 yd season for sure
  6. Godwin out who should I flex?

    James Robinson or Sanders
  7. I know my WR depth is jot there. I have a young rb core that Idk where will take me. Where should Improve? I’ll list Waiver wire also
  8. How should I improve my team?

    Our bench looks a lot alike. Pass on T Coleman all year in my opinion. I would drop Armstead for Edmonds and flex him in place of Anderson this week only
  9. Conner or Snell?

  10. Kyle Murray or Goff

    Uhhhhh Murray
  11. Which flex?

    A Miller for sure
  12. Mosert is the only player on EVERY lineup I have. Work horse. Dependable. I’d see what happens this week but I LOVE J Taylor & Mosert in the back field