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  1. Help me win

    😢 but not a bad day. 4-1 ESPN and yahoo. 778 points
  2. Help me win

    If he would’ve got that touch down at the end I would’ve won 20 more dollars
  3. Help me win

    No I went DK.
  4. Edelman or bell flex

    That’s what I went
  5. Pick 2 RB

    Jrob train!
  6. Help me win

    Yea comes down to those too. Guy has K Allen left right now at 204 I’m at 179 with DK Carson Lockett to pick from to fill my flex ..... Dk for the win right
  7. Pick 2 RB

    Jrob Jacobs
  8. Help me win

    But was thinking Carson? Maybe
  9. Help me win

    I have DK in right now
  10. Help me win

    I can Afford or get anyone other than Hopkins
  11. Help me win

    OK this is a weekly league I need a guaranteed 20 to 25 points out of the Games left and the Seahawks game tonight deciding between Carson and Metcalf locket Kelce PPR.. I am in second who’s a good play careful play
  12. Williams or Bernard?

    Aaron Jones LOL
  13. Williams or Bernard?

    Aaron is out