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  1. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

  2. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Um, it was announced earlier this week that he was playing today
  3. Elliott Suspension Reinstated

    Ezekiel Elliott has been granted another temporary restraining order by the Southern District of New York, and will be allowed to play Week 7. Zeke's restraining order, apparently issued by a "fill-in" judge, is for 14 days. He will have to make his case to judge Judge Katherine Fallia when she returns from vacation "before or by Oct. 30." She will decide on a "preliminary injunction." Unbelievable. So it appears Elliott will also be good for Week 8. His long-term prospects remain clear as mud, but fantasy owners have at least one more game to get their fantasy backfield in order. Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris won't be playable this week.
  4. New rules change

    good to see you around ratt
  5. Oh Ezekiel...

    Imo you are correct
  6. Oh Ezekiel...

  7. Oh Ezekiel...

    No you're not
  8. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    Maybe. I know he sure looked the part last week, but everything went the Chiefs way thursday night. They still have captain check down at QB. We'll see
  9. Kareem Hunt predictions for week 2

    I predict he'll deliver a baby on a bus on the way to stadium, run for 300 yds, catch 15 passes, score 4 tds and give cpr to a heart attack victim in the stands at halftime saving their life.
  10. Thursday Night Football

    I read somewhere that 2 games into the season Dalton has 2 more tackles than he does touchdowns
  11. David Johnson injured...

  12. Game day lineup

    Redzone is the best invention since sliced bread
  13. MFL DOWN....AGAIN.

    So the user friendly FREE sites work fine and the clunky ass difficult to figure out pay say was down again. That's something
  14. In honor of blitz, I will give you a 1.637293463