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  1. Saints cut Fleener

    I think they're happy with what they have
  2. Classy move, the right move

    Good on Pitt
  3. Jason Witten to retire?

    They seem to like Jarwin. Stephen had good things to say about him fwiw
  4. Jason Witten to retire?

    From what I've read they're rolling with what they have. Jarwin Gathers Swaim Shultz
  5. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

  6. Cowboys trade for Tavon Austin

    This. Line him up at RB please
  7. Dez Bryant

    I disagree. I think he's lost a cpl steps and has hands like bricks
  8. MFL is back!!

    Free league hosting site, not free league. I think we've using yahoo for about 8 or 9 yrs, never needed customer service that I can remember
  9. MFL is back!!

    BB and waiver systems are the same at yahoo. Mfl is not user friendly for people who haven't used it before Redraft - yahoo is the way to go imo. And it's free
  10. Fresh league #1 draft in 2018? WWYP?

  11. Taz check

    3 yards and a cloud of dust
  12. Kudos to the Eagles

    Screw the eagles
  13. Down to 15....

  14. Down to 15....

    maybe someday a Browns player will get nominated, then you'll have your chance
  15. Zach Cleared??

    I don't