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  1. You just can't fix stupid smfh
  2. Jesus. I have no idea what the OP says...
  3. Your box is full?
  4. ?
  5. Wouldn't be the first time a player gets cut, doesn't get much interest elsewhere and comes back for less $. We'll see
  6. Yes. Yes it is
  7. Or re signs with KC for less money
  8. Yep. If he's going in the 2nd Rd of redrafts I guarantee I won't own him anywhere. If he beats me he beats me
  9. Sure. Pumphrey could've taken a series or 2 a game and maybe even been in on some plays with Zeke. Doesn't matter now
  10. Not Blount. Pumphrey
  11. I was hoping he would land in Dallas ?
  12. No
  13. How's that ?
  14. I agree. It's still on him though