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  1. China food.
  2. Lmao. Truth
  3. This ain't the Big10
  4. Just cancel the season and give em the trophy now. First time these two ever agreed on ANYTHING
  5. Rg3 released Rotoworld
  6. Jackson is made of glass
  7. Highly unlikely
  8. I hope he destroys the locker room
  9. I have a feeling McFadden stays in Dallas
  10. No thanks imo. Williams is going to cost too much too. Draft one
  11. It's been pretty obvious for at least a few yrs for anyone paying attention
  12. They ran the ball 5 times after they went up 25 pts. Inexcusable imoEdit: they had to have been averaging at least 5 ypc at that point, it's not like it wasn't working
  13. David doesn't have a "like" symbol in his posts. I liked what he posted. He's right IMO. Noone knows what JG has, and yet someone is going to give up draft picks and alot of $ to find out. It's stupid.If you had posted what David did I would have clicked the "like". But now that I know you're an a hole...I probably wont
  14. I think he's probably the greatest of all time. But I can't help wondering if I'd think that had Seattle and ATL not handed him two rings