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  1. Our settings at Yahoo have every player that's dropped go on waivers for I believe 48 hrs. So if you drop a player sat morning he can't be claimed until Tuesday. And if you drop a guy on Tues nights waiver run , or whatever night (usually 2 or 3 am) he's on waivers for 48 hrs. I'd imagine cbs will allow you to do this also. Wont that solve your problem? Eta: players in the ww pool are fcfs after the tues nights waiver run, but only players that weren't dropped during that run
  2. Cancel your service. They'll give you whatever you want
  3. $9.95 a month on Xfinity There's a very good thread on DirecTV on fbg's
  4. Exactly when is that?
  5. Total shot in the dark. But all I have right now is Rod Smith rb. At least while Zeke is gone. McFadden hasn't exactly been a picture of durability in his career, I don't believe the coaches are fond of Alfred Morris and all reports on Smith have been great. See how much run he gets in the preseason, game 3 especially Also wr Ryan Switzer in deep leagues, especially leagues with return pts
  6. No
  7. If Kaep was any good he'd be on a roster. But yeah, screw him anyway
  8. Josh Gordon had hot piss. Little different than this
  9. No, Jordain Lewis cb Dal will be next
  10. I replied to your pm bud. I'll probly take a team. Get back with ya this wkend some time
  11. Yeah, I thought that was odd but just searched and tossed that out there , I was busy and was going to get back to this thread at some pt but hadn't yet
  12. Maybe it's me me and the owners in my leagues, but I can't imagine trying to do this. Plus draft boards and stickers are like $20..