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  1. trade offer

    My rb's Edge,Brown,Arrington,Duckett start 2 My Wr's Holt,J Smith,Housh,Engram,Kennison start 3 I give up Duckett and Smith for A Green and you can see my running backs blow.I really need to do something and have offered a few other trades to no avail.Is this a reach or a good trade for me??I offered Smith for Green straight up but he did'nt bite.Thanks guys
  2. trade offer

    anyone else?Thoughts??
  3. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    I think I would stick with Parker.Jackson a better choice as well.I'dpass.JMHO of course
  4. trade offer

    standard scoring...
  5. What a joke

  6. TE Witten.... worthless?

    Parcells is'nt calling the plays...
  7. TE Witten.... worthless?

    definitley play calling.only Cowboy worth starting at this point is JJ.Maybe Keyshawn;seems to get the red zone looks so far.Spreading the ball around alot.
  8. anybody wanna pick a week?

    when Coughlin has a heart attack on the side lines....geez
  9. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    it's been 2 games.2.let's not put him in the hall of fame just yet...
  10. Cards

    ummmm,what did the seahawks ever win?
  11. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    benched Housh for Kennison
  12. Mulligans?

    I feel your pain,I started Kennison instead of Housh :doah:
  13. Starting qb

    also Kennison vs Raiders or Housh vs Minny?thanks fellas..
  14. Starting qb

    anyone else??
  15. Favre, Warner or Big Ben...?

    good question,wish I knew the answer
  16. Starting qb

    both the start/bench and projections point toward Warner having the better day.I just can't bring myself to start him over Favre....
  17. qb they both suck please your opinion

    who the hell are they going to bench him for???
  18. One WR please

  19. wdis

    assuming it's Tampas Clayton,start him
  20. WDIS? Need 2 RB's out of list inside...

    Davis and Johnson
  21. Which WR as my number two/TD Only

    since it's td only,and for that reason alone,go with Lelie
  22. who has more upside

    is it a coin flip or what?any opinions?
  23. Favre or Warner?

    also wr #3 Housh v Minny Kennison v Oakland. 6 pts td 1 pt 10 yds. thanks guys