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  1. Waiver wire qb

    Dropping watkins for a back up qb i cant decide between trubisky or mayfield. I have dak and mayfield has the better matchup this week and trubisky has the better matchup in week 16 and trubisky has actually been putting up good points
  2. Who for flex

    Also on a terrible team hes pretty boom or bust. Im a giants fan btw
  3. Who for flex

    Slayton is the reciever to own on the giants regardless of who the qb is
  4. Should i get a back up qb?

    I missed out on fitz. Do i grab someone else like mayfield, brisette, or trubisky?
  5. 2nd round of the playoffs what are my chances? Im on the left it is ppr
  6. Dak hurt his hand do i drop tyrell williams, sammy watkins or robby anderson for any of these guys? My recievers are julio and hopkins
  7. Week 15 Flex Pick

    Richard sherman left the game with an injury hopefully hes out, i have julio as well
  8. Guice injury

    Alright you guys convinced me i put ap over thompson. Might not get either one tho
  9. Early waiver look

    Is it crazy to think as an owner of both jacobs and washington that the best case scenario is jacobs is done for the year cause washington is given carries and actually involved in the passing game?
  10. Guice injury

    I put in a claim for both but im going with Thompson over ap i feel like he has the safer floor in ppr, im probably wrong but w.e if i have to play either one of them its not gunna be looking good for me
  11. Guice injury

    Or patrick laird?
  12. Guice injury

    Gunna drop hines for either peterson or chris thompson, who would you take? It is ppr
  13. Do I even stand a chance?

    You have a slight chance but the giants defense is garbage
  14. Locked up my playoff win

    Have a feeling they might shut him down for the year