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  1. Start sit question

    Gio and cooks
  2. How good did i do?

    10 team .5 ppr, money league on yahoo. I have made a bunch of big trades am i better because of it? 1st- i sent arron jones and woods for ceh and crowder. 2nd- i sent marvin jones and carson for Amari cooper. 3rd- i sent will fuller for drake. 4th- i sent mckinnon for robby anderson. 5th- i sent matt ryan and drake for kyler murray and james white. 6th- lastly i sent ceh for zeke.
  3. Ppr pick one

    Higgins, justin jackson, or henderson?
  4. How good did i do?

    I go with the match ups. Tell me who would you start over them?
  5. How good did i do?

    Ever heard of streaming??
  6. Mclaurin or cooper

    Close but ill go mclaurin
  7. Ppr pick one

    Your right thats what I normally do.
  8. Trade to get zeke

    Idk but i took advantage of it by trading ceh for zeke
  9. Ppr pick one

    I still have higgins in cause you picked him in my last post to. Just struggling to keep him in over jackson
  10. Ppr pick one

    Higgins, justin jackson, or henderson?
  11. Ppr pick one

    Anyone else?
  12. Help set my lineup

    Fair enough. Im rolling with it. Really need to win this week
  13. Help set my lineup

    Should stafford, jackson or higgins be switched in for anyone?
  14. Yeah but i think Edwards is just a good compliment to ingram and the closer when games get out of hand. I think dobbins would get almost all of ingrams work and then some.
  15. Im still holding dobbins as a high end handcuff to ingram. Ingram is 30 and if he gets hurt dobbins will get alot more touches especially in the passing game.
  16. Ceh for zeke?

    Lol yeah
  17. Help set my lineup

    You trust scott? He was a bust last time sanders was out i know he got banged up to but still worried about him splitting touches with clement on a manurety offense
  18. Ceh for zeke?

    Thought so thats why i sent trade offer. Was suprised it was accepted and now im second guessing it as always lol
  19. Lamar/Mixon/Adams on trading block..

    Mclaurin and hollywood for adams
  20. Which tight end?

    Ppr hunter henry on bye which one do i pick up?
  21. Which tight end?

    Oj howard done for the year so grab brate?
  22. Trade

    Do it