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  1. Help me out and tell me I’m crazy

    lol Na but I did bench AJ Brown having a good game
  2. PPR league i need a WR and Flex Mostert, E. Sanders, Landry i don’t want to play Mostert at RB over Melvin Gordon or Zeke.
  3. Is it crazy to bench Lamar tonight? my biggest worry is they go up early and Ingram gets a lot of runs and Lamar sits quickly, only giving like 120 passing 1 td and 50 rushing. Am I nuts?
  4. Chiefs RBs

    I just want to Voice that I hate everything about the chiefs and their running back situation. Just put in Williams for the td run. -_-
  5. Flex Spot

    WDIS in my flex? PPR league. Damien Williams @ Chargers Calvin Ridley @ Carolina Kirk @ SF Ronald Jones @ NO
  6. WDIS in flex. PPR

    Looking for who I start in my PPR Flex Christian Kirk Ridley Damien Williams Ronald Jones J. Landry im leaning to Williams since Shady is out
  7. I need a DEF this week. Who do I drop? NOTE: AB is being dropped for Jarvis Landry to give me some WR depth.
  8. Is there a counter that makes sense?

    Oh I like the trade as is as well, but it leaves me incredibly thin at WR. Should I throw in a Melvin Gordon and request a WR back from him? Or look to trade Gordon for a WR elsewhere?
  9. Hey y’all. Back again. 10 team PPR i was offered a joke of a trade earlier that you all agreed on, but he seems to be adamantly going after Godwin. this is the trade he now offered. Is it worth a counter? I can’t lose Godwin with my WR depth, but I could counter for something by adding in Melvin Gordon and getting Fournette and a Receiver. Do you all find fournette to be that much of an upgrade from Gordon or is it not even worth it. My team is the one with Lamar at QB. His is the other.
  10. I’ve sent my team as well in a photo and the trade in a photo. My team also has Josh Gordon on the bench thats hidden. do I leave this unanswered or politely reject.
  11. Pick 1 TE , and 1 Flex

    Bell and Henry
  12. WDIS at RB

    I’m leaning to Jones. I think Kamara could’ve possibly played the week before the bye, but there wasn’t a reason to.
  13. Do I accept this, counter, or reject?

    He said if it’s cooper he wants Zeke over Sanders 😂😂. Done with this negotiation
  14. Do I accept this, counter, or reject?

    Is it worth asking for Cooper instead of TY? I still have Godwin.
  15. Okay, this is trade deadline week. Everyone in the league is out for the finishing touches it seems. 10 team PPR I am tied for second and the one offering is in first place. QB RB RB WR WR FLEX TE K DEF My Team: QB: Mahomes and Lamar RB: Elliott, Damien Williams, L Murray, Breida, Drake, R Jones WR: E Sanders, Kirk, Ridley, Godwin TE: Hooper and Engram K: Myers DEF: Pats His Team: QB: Cousins and Ryan RB: Cook, Ekeler, Fournette, WR: Cooper, Julio, G Tate, Metcalfe, Hilton, Crowder, Matthews TE: Waller K: Prater DEF: Indy and SF Hes offered me Fournette, Waller, and Hilton for Mahomes, Hooper, and Emmanuel Sanders Thoughts? I like adding Fournette to my RB tandem and Lamar is fine for the ROS especially since his BYE has passed. I’m wondering if maybe I can counter or get something better involving Mahomes?