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  1. Pick 3 - Playoffs

    Would it be crazy? No, Parker has become fantasy relevant this year despite most people’s revulsion at picking up ANY dolphins players, and Jefferey has a phenomenal match up. Hill is the only one between Chark and Hill that warrants consideration in this equation of whom to play because looking back at last years stats against the Pats he threw up a massive game. I know comparing stats from this year to last is taboo because teams can play polar opposite from year to year and the Pats def seems to fit that description. But consider this, the Texans just trounced the Pats, and no doubt the Pats are still reeling from that loss, combined with many of them coming off injuries/illness, I think this makes Hill something to consider at the very least. Chark to me is a huge risk due to a number of factors. His match up is the toughest of all your options, and with turmoil at the QB position, that can cause disruption as well, though Minshew has proven to be paired well with Chark. So start Chark at your own risk!
  2. WDIS PPR, Rd 1 Playoffs

    Whoops! I must have misread the quantity of WR’s. I’m inclined to concur with your leanings. Beasley is still out for me because of Brown. Williams and Anderson both have decent match ups but Anderson has the better match up this week and has been a more potent receiver in the last two games than Crowder has been, against two tougher teams, thus making him a viable starter this week.
  3. WDIS PPR, Rd 1 Playoffs

    This is definitely a tough situation, so I get what you mean. Barkley has just not been producing like everyone expected him to this year so there’s nothing crazy about considering benching him. My opinion on the matter would be: RB1:Jacobs RB2:Sanders (if Howard doesn’t play) WR1:Godwin WR2:Brown TE:Kelce Flex:Barkley I chose Jacobs because he’s basically a must start any week, out of 13 games he’s only had 3 in which he scored lower than double digits. Howard/Sanders is tough if Howard comes back because there’s no guarantee on whom will be the featured back, however if Howard doesn’t return, then Sanders becomes a no-brainer against a team that struggles against the run. Godwin and Brown are just better WR’s than the other two, and historically have much higher ceilings, so those were easy picks. Kelce, even though he’s going up agains a tough DEF, should never be counted out, Mahomes is known for being able to throw the ball even in tough situations, and with the Pats DEF coming off a week of injuries and illness, I would roll Kelce over Waller all day, regardless of Waller having the “better” matchup. Your Flex is definitely the hardest part to choose. Picking Barkley was a tough one for me because playing two opposing RB’s comes with inherent risk if either team takes a drastic lead. I ultimately chose him because of his potential as both a RB AND a receiver, because playing two WR’s from the same team (Brown, Beasley) is worse than playing two opposing RB’s. Penny is a no go for me because the Rams/Seahawks have typically high flying games and the run falls to the wayside, though anything is possible obviously. And Mostert may have popped off this week, but I wouldn’t trust that to be consistent, especially with Breida returning.
  4. I would try that trade minus Gordon, you lose out on Waller and chark but Godwin is an upgrade from chark, Jacobs is a step up from Ekler, and the rest is pretty much just filler
  5. Getting a haul is the only reason I would ever remotely consider trading Cook. The trade ended up being Godwin, Emmanuel Sanders, and Fournette for Cook and Robert Woods. But I think it was worth it because my WR core was in desperate need of a revamp.
  6. Sure the match up this week looks good, but it’s the dolphins, which are hard to trust in any situation no matter the match up. So if you were going to roll the dice on Gesicki this would be the week to do it. Any match ups afterwards though are high risk/low reward given he’s only ever broken double digits but one time.
  7. I struggle to fathom a situation in which you would start Montgomery over Lockett. Definitely roll with Lockett.
  8. Andrews all day. Your biggest concerns are yet to come. Andrews has a rough back half of the season coming. If you have a way, package him together with one or two other players and try to snag someone like Kittle (because he’s “injured” you may be able to buy low) or Ertz (because he’s underperformed for much of the year).
  9. Who to drop?

    You could probably drop Herndon, Sanders or Anderson and not lose any sleep. Odds are, unless people in your league are desperate, whomever you drop will likely be on the waiver next week still.
  10. My league does QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, and DEF. My predicament is my WR, RB and Flex situation. I’m torn about whom to play because of great match ups and Kittle being out giving upside to Sanders. Lineup currently sits: RB-Melvin Gordon (already played) RB-Jaylen Samuels WR-Davante Adams WR-Chris Godwin Flex-Leveon Bell BN-Emmanuel Sanders (All other players are irrelevant for this subject) Anyone care to speculate with me about their thought processes on the matter?
  11. 10 man, four bench slots, PPR Current Roster: QB-Mahomes RB-Melvin Gordon RB-Dalvin Cook WR-Robert Woods WR-Davante Adams TE-George Kittle FLEX-Leveon Bell K-Greg Zuerlin DEF-Rams BN-Jaylen Samuels BN-Marquise Brown BN-Latavius Murray BN-Courtland Sutton
  12. I’ve been offered Kelce, Fournette and Chris Godwin for Dalvin Cook and George Kittle. Not sure how I feel about it.
  13. Brown has a decent back half of the season lineup, whereas drake faces the return of both Johnson and eventually Edmonds, which spells likely disaster for his snaps and touches, drake showed talent, but if possible I would target a different RB that has something more consistent to prove their value.
  14. Andrews for Woods Advice

    If the recipient of your trade is desperate for a TE maybe try and leverage that into something better for your WR core, such as counter offering Andrews and juju for woods and maybe a top 15 WR if he’s got one. That way woods becomes a flex option but the other hypothetical top 15 becomes your must start alongside Hopkins
  15. We Have a Trade! How’d I Do?

    I think it was a decent trade. Especially since sanders and jimmy seem to have a good connection.