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  1. Timeout

    The Hardwood Classic starts on Turkey day with a early am draft. Fantasy hoops, third year league H2H Season action. $30 entry, hosted on Yahoo platform pot held and distributed by Yahoo. 12 team league seeking owners. Can u win the pot? Can u go the distance? If u think u can enter here. only serious hoopers apply.
  2. Timeout

    What about defense? Has the days of good fundamental defensive bball been replaced with the high scoring, fast breaking, long ball offensive show? I recall watching a game last week I saw a team blow a 12 point lead in the last 7 min of the fourth period. It remained relatively close throughout the others periods (equal offenses). If a team has no focus of defense but a mediocre offense this is what happens, having a defensive focus would have protected that lead. Some say the owners prefer the offensive show because it sells tickets, the more balanced game is boring. What do you say?!
  3. The Hardwood Classic

    3rd year , H2H Season, 12 team basketball league, Seeking managers. $30 entry Yahoo platform, pot held and distributed by Yahoo. Can u win the pot?!, Can u go the distance?! If u think u can then enter here only serious hoopers apply.
  4. Timeout

    All things NBA, it's hoop season too! Will the Raptors repeat, will the Warriors be contenders, where's the D, has the culture of defense disappeared from the NBA. Let's talk about it let's go!!!