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  1. Brees or Fitzpatrick?

    Who should I start? Brees or Fitzpatrick? I’m thinking fitzmagic but scared of fitztragic...
  2. Drop Cooks?

    Is Cooks worth holding on to through the playoffs? I have Julio, Crowder, Pascal and Golden Tate as my other receivers. As far as flex goes, I have Hunt, Guice, Jamaal Williams or Howard. I am thinking of dropping Cooks for Snell or Darnold. I have Brees at QB. Any advice helps!!!
  3. BIG trade offer!

    My offense is: Mahomes Julio Tate Chubb Jacobs Engram Crowder Bench: Brissett J Williams B Cooks Guice J Howard
  4. BIG trade offer!

    I have been offered Saquon for Mahomes! My team is pretty solid at RB with Chubb and Josh Jacobs, but my back up qb is Brissett. Any advice is appreciated!