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  1. Should I do this trade?

    I could try to trade everett and rams d for one of the three: fuller, fitzgerald, mike williams. I'm not gonna do the original idea as I like ertz being the main option for the eagles (passing) and will try to trade everett for josh allen and drop rams defense for a kicker. It's just I have three tight ends and two defenses and I wanna get some value without dropping any. Also does anyone think deebo samuel or darius slayton would be worth an add in the coming weeks over someone like sammy watkins?
  2. In a 10 man league ppr: Should I trade zach ertz, rams d, and courtland sutton for golden tate and zane gonzalez the cardinals kicker? I have everett and hollister as my other te options. i have patriots d and have obj, kirk, crowder, and watkins. i need a kicker (dropped prater due to stafford injury) and a consistent wr. I also have david montgomery, howard, rojo, james white, freeman as my rb if that helps.