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  1. David Montgomery time...Bears release Mike Davis

    Picked Davis up. Carolina now has a vet back up to Cmc. Who has taken 185 carries. Next closest on team has 11. Either Cmc gonna get hurt or they need to rest him. Insert Davis to take a bit of a breather from Cmc. 7 games left.
  2. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    I'm with you doc..I throw my hands up with this because I have 11 owners that see it as i do. And 1 that believes yahoo does it for a reason. And I'm trying to be fair and understand. I understand Finn and his wifes side and reason too. Does a move like this taint the waiver system that is set up? Imagine if every one dropped player a on bench after they played. I really don't know. Part of me wants to get it, I guess I'm so stuck in my ways. I wish yahoo allowed me to lock players. I mean I get if its a bench player who cares if they are in a transaction. Just trying to get opinions on it.
  3. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    We have always played under the rule that no player shall be involved in a transaction if he has played their game already during the week. I'm just trying to understand the owners argument. And I really can't.
  4. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    Yeah as commissioner I can't find the setting that allowed it. And that's the owners argument. "The site allowed me to do it" does it matter that Montgomery was on his bench? I deemed it an illegal move and reset the transaction to how it was prior to the Add.
  5. Fantasy Drama week 10 MNF

    So we had a bit of an issue in the league I play and Commish in. An owner on Monday morning 10am est Picked up Hollister Te Sea. He subsequently dropped Ty Montgomery who had just played 24 hrs earlier. I'm looking to get peoples opinion on this type of transaction. The way I have always played FF. If you add a player in the Monday night game after Sunday's games the only drop would be another player in that game since all but 2 teams have left to play. How does everyone play? Looking to get a poll.