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  1. Tannehill leaves practice early with knee injury.

    Kaepernick more than likely burned that bridge with his pro Fidel Castro nonsense. He's already a PR nightmare. Add that he also alienated the Cuban community and I think that's about as likely as returning to the bay.
  2. calvin johnson - OAK - returned partial signing bonus

    If anything happens here, it will be after Matt Stafford signs his mega extension. It will put them close to the cap. At that point, Calvin can come back and force their hand as they'd have no way to pay his 20MM cap hit. He has mentioned that he'd love to come back and play with Derek Carr...
  3. What's the community view on Sankey?

    I don't like his skillset, but the sheer volume he should see should force him nicely into the RB2 tier.
  4. Huddle dynasty rankings

    So basically the dynasty rankings are redraft rankings...
  5. NFL Free Agency 2014

    Disagree with being a great add. He's graded out around the 40th LB in the league the past two years. He's still money in IDP leagues, but he's a better fantasy player than an actual NFL linebacker.
  6. Ray Rice arrested

  7. Ray Rice arrested

    Some gold is being posted in here...
  8. Dynasty Dialogue - 2014 (Quarterbacks)

    I'm telling you guys, he's extremely similar to Rodgers coming out of Cal, except he's further along than Rodgers was as a rookie. Go to draft breakdown, or wherever you guys see game film. His vision and ability to look defenders off is amazing. Accuracy is elite. The guy is going to be a monster.
  9. Dynasty Dialogue - 2014 (Quarterbacks)

    Blake Bortles is the love child of Jake Locker and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  10. Ray Rice arrested

    He was found 3.4 yards away from the crime.
  11. Dynasty Dialogue - 2014 (Quarterbacks)

    Watch some Louisville tape, with some Cal game tape of Aaron Rodgers. Extremely similar.
  12. Rush back Rodgers?

    Tolzien didn't get any reps all week in practice... Or all season long. Give him a week. The defense is a bigger problem than Wallace/Tolzien/Flynn.
  13. CJ Spiller vs Lesean Mccoy in PPR?

    1. He faced stacked lines last year. It didn't matter. 2. Injury concerns? He's missed three games in his career. McCoy missed four last year. 3. You mean the Fred Jackson that has had three significant injuries in the past two years? Doug Marrone has already said that he's Spiller is his guy and Fred Jackson will do the mop up work.
  14. ...and now the Vikes are changing colors?

    I saw the new logo, and you have to stare at the old and new logo to notice changes... The hair/mustache are a little different, the horn is shaped a little different. Still the same colors, just minor changes.
  15. End of Patriots?

    The offense is going to turn to a 2 TE offense where Hernandez/Gronk/Run game are the focal point. While the rest of the league is spreading it out, and defenses are built to stop the spread, the pats will be the only team that is running this offense. Everything runs in cycles... The Patriots just seem to be 3-4 years ahead of the cycle.