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  1. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Remember, they traded two 3's to get up and take him. From what I've read, Gurley is a timebomb
  2. I wish I could quit you.

  3. I'm sure Jerry is proud to have you as one of his "kids"

  4. Boys-49ers

  5. Cadillac

  6. Thinking of grabbing C.Perry from the WW

    mhayhurst... its Favre... I'd drop Pittman or Engram for sure.
  7. Cadillac

    I bet every runningback in the league is hurting at this point of the season. They get hit by the best athletes in the world 30 times a game.
  8. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    off the topic...
  9. Marcel Shipp

    I don't see it as of yet... They spent an early second round pick on Arrington, who has only played in the Giants game... Everyone in that rush offense looked putrid that week.
  10. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    the pack always start out slow... give them a week or two after this week... If they still look this bad, I'll be there with you.
  11. Shut up M Irvin

    yeah, whoever, just find me... we're playing sunday night in deep ellum, then taking a little break for a while.
  12. Shut up M Irvin

    na, i dont imagine they would... if your ever in deep ellum, and we're playing, find the bassist of zoma, I'll buy you some booze.
  13. what's up with Ferguson?

    Edwards has more potential in a keeper or dynasty, but Fergi has more value for re draft leagues...
  14. Shut up M Irvin

    wow, this thread has deteriorated into a flame war...
  15. what's up with Ferguson?

    1200 and 10 would be beautiful... I think he can get the yards, but I think he'll have around 5-6 td's