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  1. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    A league that will span generations! That's so great.
  2. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Haha! Botnlava do you have any punishments for fantasy football losers in your league that are shareable?
  3. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Oh I thought this was your friend who had to but thank you!
  4. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Do I have both yours and your friend's permission to use this photo in my piece??
  5. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    This. This is amazing. That song is the ultimate punishment. Are you by chance located in the LA area?
  6. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Sorry just seeing this one! I see by your Eagles logo that it is probably extra enjoyable for you haha! Where will you by flying to Philly from?
  7. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    This is great! Keeping everyone active to avoid the beer run! Are you located in LA by chance?
  8. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Punishments are great for keeping people honest and encouraging engagement from what I have gathered and experienced! Tattoo is a lot (and permanent) but then again so are these earrings...
  9. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    Big John I'm dying to see this tattoo but I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong to access the photo! Are you from/in the LA area by chance?
  10. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    It's probably a normal league and better off that way! Maybe that's just my ears talking though haha. The League definitely has inspired my league and I'm sure that there are several others out there similar to what we have seen in the show.
  11. Sidebets and Loser Punishments

    It was rough! What is the loser of your league punishment?
  12. Hi everyone! I am a sports journalist based out of LA currently doing a piece on the wild world of loser punishments and side bets in fantasy sports, predominantly football. I am hoping to hear as many stories from you all as possible sharing and recounting the worst bets and punishments that owners in your league or leagues you know about have had to do. If you are based in LA as well, please let me know and I would love to do an interview with you for TV! Thank you all so much I look forward to hearing all the stories you have! P.S. Losing in my league has caused me to piece my ears for the season so I am (unfortunately) well versed in this area.