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  1. Too much Abullah. WTH?

    No joke. I only need 5 points out of him but I’m not even comfortable I’m gonna get that easily lol.
  2. PPR league. Consensus seems to be Boone over deandre Washington. I have Boone in as of now. Any late matchup advantages Washington may have to support a last minute swap? Or possibly leave Boone and swap out miles sanders with Washington for the other rb slot?
  3. PPR currently u have Boone in flex and sitting James white and Washington. But I see Mattison practiced today. Do I put white in to be safe or leave Boone in and tomm if Mattison status upgrades plug in Washington instead?
  4. About to just set it and leave it, considering 3 things at this point. M Williams or A miller For WR spot. Is it worth sitting Miles Sanders for Washington or James White? And Seattle D or Jets D? PPR QB-M Ryan WR-T Hill, and A Miller or M Williams RB-CMC. And M Sanders or J white or Washington Flex-boone TE- Hollister K-Myers D-Seattle or Jets Bench-Tanny,Higbee,white,Washington,Williams, jets D
  5. TE/FLEX debate

    Thanks. Yah I like matchup with hollister just been burned by him and Higbee has just been getting so many targets. Hard to decide between Washington and Boone for me. I think Nwe buff game is low so I don’t think buff D would be a bad thing by any means
  6. Any changes you’d make with my lineup? PPR QB-M Ryan RB-CMC, M Sanders TE-Higbee WR-T Hill,M Williams Flx-J white (considering washington now) bench- A miller, Boone, Washington,slayton,hollister, Tannehill
  7. PPR full point TE-So currently starting Higbee and even though Everett is practicing. I can’t see them taking looks away from Higbee after the run he’s been on even if Everett plays coming off an injury. But I have hollister on the bench playing a AZ team who’s given most yards to tight ends. Flex-I picked up washington once Jacobs was ruled out. Currently I’m starting CMC and M sanders. But in flex now I have a choice between Boone,Washington or J white. Leaning to white or Washington. Wild card could be rolling the dice on a receiver in flex and use a miller. Any thoughts?
  8. PPR full point, only real change I’m considering is a swap at flex with A miller due to High targets lately. But white has been consistent. QB-Tannehill WR-T Hill WR-M Williams RB-CMC RB-M Sanders TE-T Higbee Flex-J White K-M Gay D-Seattle bench M Ryan, D Slayton, J Crowder, J Hollister, M Boone,A Miller
  9. I would usually play white in flex and take his usual 10-13 points. But I’m playing against Lamar already and feel like I have to take chance on Williams having a big day. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  10. Usually would start James white in flex for his usual 10-13 points but I’m playing vs Lamar in playoffs and feel like I need to take a chance on mike Williams having a big day. Any thoughts to help me decide?
  11. Flex help

    Need to pick one of the three in PPR full point league. james white mike Williams Zach pascal robby Anderson
  12. Jack Doyle or Tyler higbee?
  13. Lineup help

    Currently have this lineup set. Could possibly swap a flex for a receiver off the bench it’s a 1 point PPR with bonuses for 40 yard catches and runs etc in yahoo. Deandre Washington is still available to pick up but I’d have to drop a player. QB-tannehil WR-T hill WR slayton RB-McCaffrey RB-M sanders TE- Higbee W/R- James White K-zeurlin D-Seattle Bench -Matt Ryan -jack doyle -Robby Anderson -mike Williams -Jordan Howard -Zach pascal
  14. Lineup help

    Yah I had him in there but then put paschal. I can pick up deondre Washington tonite but have to drop someone or Matt Ryan just got this week and next week to go.
  15. Lineup help

    Semi finals week 3 seed (me) vs 2. current guy starting in caps backup in regular size need some help deciding what receiver to play with tyreek and which remaining rb/wr to play for flex. Deandre Washington is available but I’d have to choose to drop someone. Please give some advice it’s PPR and big plays have escalated points. Feel like the receiver options are a crap shot as with the tight end so feel like my chances of a big week are the same no matter what tight end or receiver I use or if I use a receiver instead of a RB for flex. Any advice would help a ton. QB-TANNEHILL, RB-MCCAFFREY RB-JAMES WHITE WR-PASCHAL WR-TYREEK HILL flex-MILES SANDERS TE-HIGBEE, kicker- Greg the leg Def-buff. Tampa and Seattle available but have to drop buff. bench Matt Ryan Darius slayton jack Doyle Robby Anderson mike Williams Jordan Howard