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  1. Last minute RB2 decision

    I’m starting Boone ( down 28). Just have to make a blood pact with the fantasy gods haha
  2. Comes down to Monday Night

    You should
  3. Am I crazy? Jones vs Boone

    I would say flip a coin if it’s killing you. Jones is the most talented player easily and if Williams were a non issue I would love your chances but he complicates things. In addition Minny’s run d is top 10, they are at home, and GB’s offense has been erratic. Meanwhile Boone is much more of an unknown talent wise, but their offense is predicated on the run, GB run D is bottom 6, they are at home ( game script), etc. Neither are safe picks and fantasy rarely makes sense but I am probably going to stick with Boone mainly on a gut call.
  4. What do you think my chances are?

    Very good. Like I would be livid if I lost if I were you. That being said chubb, DJ Moore and Carson combined to score 11 for me when they average 50 a week combined. So anything can happen but I like your chances
  5. Am I crazy? Jones vs Boone

    I’m in the same scenario, but down 28. I think I am going to start Boone because I followed the rule start tour studs this week (Chubb and Carson) over (Washington and Mostert) and it (the really bad word)ed me. Jones miiight have a higher ceiling is the only issue
  6. Do I have a chance....read this...

    I have the exact same situation haha. The only difference is that I have to decide between Aaron Jones and Boone for tonight’s game. I think I’m sticking with Boone and hoping for the miracle
  7. Even with the weather conditions being a concern?
  8. Rivers, Fitzpatrick or Minshew ?
  9. Would you sit Fitzy with rainy and windy conditions for the game ? Other options are Minshew or Rivers
  10. Justin Tucker or Dan Bailey ?

    Fair thought
  11. RBs conundrum

    Pick 2: Chubb, Jones, Boone, Mostert
  12. RB conundrum: Pick 2 Chubb, Aaron Jones, Boone, Mostert
  13. Justin Tucker or Dan Bailey ?

    I know Tucker is historical in his greatness in regards to his career, but he hasn’t been as great recently and this is the championship so I am worried. Also Bailey is in indoors in what I assume will be a high scoring game
  14. Higbee or Howard?

    Who do y’all like today?