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  1. Any advice on who to start?

    Perriman, Boone, higbee
  2. Hi I have Dalvin Cook as one of my primary RB‘s. I also have Chris Carson that I use as a flex and Ezekiel Elliott as much other RB but with cook likely out on Monday who should I replace him with? I have his back up Boone as well as Kenny Golladay kind of stuck here thoughts? Suggestions? also I have Higbee and Rudolph as TEs. Everett might come back and play this week. Should I still play Higbee?
  3. Which one should I start in the championship game? I played Tannehill last week and got 24 points but he’s playing the saints this week so a little scared about that. And Matt ryan doesn’t seem like the guy who can put up big fantasy numbers anymore. But Winston is also scary with all the picks he throws plus 2 receivers out. My opponent has Lamar as his QB. Any advice? Thanks
  4. Same dilemma. I have cook. If he can’t go do I start his back up Boone? Or go with Kenny Golladay in the flex?