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  1. Which players are on all your teams?

    Only 2 leagues. Have LeVeon Bell and Derrick Henry in both, but only got Conner in one of them. He was taken a pick ahead of me in the other... ouch. Please come back LeVeon!
  2. Bell/Anderson for Hunt/Hopkins

    I agree - I'd absolutely take Nuk and Hunt over Bell and Anderson. Not sure the other guy will bite on Anderson over Tate, but I'd actually do that deal with Tate too.
  3. What are the best free sites?
  4. Who has been here since the 90s?

    My profile indicates join date of October 9, 2001. Hard to believe it's been that long...
  5. Without knowing your scoring system, we have no idea.
  6. I lost Wentz

    I agree Winston probably the best of that long list for wk 15.
  7. Need help! Which 3 should I start??

    I think you have to start Freeman. I'd actually go Freeman, Hyde Perine
  8. CYA Ben McAdoo

    There goes my vote for Coach of the Year in the other thread. NOT. Benching Eli for Geno Smith after completely losing your team and having them flat out give up for most of the season....yeah, I'd say that firing was justified.
  9. WDIS: Pick 2 of 3 WR

    Agree...Baldwin and Green by a long shot.
  10. Trade

    Great trade for you! Upgrades your RB2 and WR2, and since you have Wentz, really doesn't hurt you at QB. Hop all over that.
  11. Weird FF season

    With all the injuries, 1st rnd picks falling short, ejections, backup QBs starting all over the place, rookies and young guys emerging and just overall oddness (NO a running team?, LAR top scorers in league?), there is more parity than ever in my 14 teamer. Of 14 teams in my league, 12 are still in the playoff hunt. 1 team @ 8-2 is in. Then there are five teams at 6-4, four teams at 5-5 and 2 teams at 4-6 with three games to go in regular season. Never seen this type of a logjam in the 20 or so years I've been in this league. So yeah.....Weird FFL season indeed.
  12. Trade help

    I'd hold tight on Fournette, and would not trade him for Julio. Something is not right with Julio this year.
  13. Trade offer Murray for Carr and Jones

    DMurray certainly not doing much this year and splitting time. I frankly would rather have Jones moving forward and still like Carr as a backup. #1QBs can go down in practice as we just saw in Houston this week. Wish I had Carr as my #2.
  14. No doubt this punts this season for you, but in effectively a dynasty, I think that's a good trade for you long term.
  15. Thielen for Dak?

    I'd trade Thielen in a second if i could get Dak, particularly in a standard league. Who's scored more points in your league between those two YTD? I'd bet its Dak by along shot.