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  1. Since you have Ertz, Howard not doing much for you anyway so if you could get Howard or Kerryon Johnson or even Lewis, I think you are ahead. Of the three, I actually Like Kerryon then best.
  2. Robert Woods trade..

    I agree - I think K Johnson is about on par with what you already have as an RB3 (and RB4). Makes sense to me to counter with a proposal that is a true upgrade and Woods/Howard for Ertz actually makes sense. Ertz is clearly a huge advantage at his position. So you'd be weakening your WR 3 to upgrade at TE... If you only start 2 WRs, that makes sense to me. Then use the other open slot you have to find a FA WR.
  3. Bears

    As you can tell by my handle, die hard Bears fan here who's of course thrilled to see a relevant football team this year. However, crowning them as running away with division is WAY premature! I think a split of the season series with MIN and GB would be about as much as could be hoped for...
  4. Veto this trade?

    Agree with the others - a commish should not intercede in trades unless it is blatant and obvious collusion, not just opinion, in this case a 31 ranked QB vs 10th ranked QB. Looks like you helped team B score on this deal...
  5. Quick Trade Advice Needed

    Fair is a totally subjective term, but I think that trade is totally legit. I think MThomas and KJohnson get a slightly better side of that deal - so I'd go for it (also nice that those two have already had their bye). I think DET is going to start to realize that have in KJ. Brieda vs. Hyde....hmmm. Your call on those two - both in share situations but I kind of prefer keeping Brieda. Could go either way.
  6. Goff or Winston

    I like Jamies this week
  7. If that offer is on the table for you and not just an idea, then hell to the yeah, I'd snap that up.
  8. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    I would not expect Zeur to last on waivers, but if he does until Gots bye week, then rock on.
  9. Trade Gurley for Kamara and Cooks?

    I agree with the rest - keep Gurley. I'd shop A. Rodgers and maybe ARob for an upgrade at WR
  10. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    I agree with zips - nominal difference to predict here and would stand pat (no pun intended) unless Gots presents a worse bye issue for you down the road.
  11. I actually go Mayfield this week. While I think Trubisky should have a nice game, their is legitimate risk that NE game plans well against him and forces him into mistakes. meanwhile, TB D is just atrocious against QBs this year, giving up over 300 yds a game on average and passing TDs in bunches. I seriously think Mayfield is going off for 300-3 this week. Landry and Njoku will feast this week. Either option is a pretty nice bye filler so go with your gut. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Wavers-Kittle,O J Howard, C J Uzomah?

    For week 7, I like OJ. For rest of season, I like Kittle.
  13. Agree with the rest. If Nuk is on the field for HOU, he is in your lineup regardless of matchup or health.
  14. Trubisky or Rivers? Engram or Trey Burton?

    Normally I'd say Rivers is a no brainer, but I think I'd actually go with Mitch this week given matchup, home game etc.
  15. Brees or Winston

    Tough call indeed, but I actually like Winston better this week. BAL D at home is tough