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  1. Flex: Hunt or Gallup?

    Gallup. Facing a much softer D
  2. Three for two trade - am i nuts?

    Thinking about going all in in Dallas huh? Not nuts - Gordon is your RB4 and you'd be getting a guy to start without pause each week at that position. Cooper for Godwin works, pretty even there and I guess it frees you from beign so dependent on TB. I'd give Williams not Brown. Brown is WR1 on his team while Williams is option 3 behind Allen and Henry.
  3. WR help - 16 team

    I'd imagine in a 16 team league, waiver pickings are slim, but I'm with the others....dropping Cooks for Funchess is not going to net you much, even in short term. Gotta be some better options out there. I got one for you....someone have Conley with Jacksonville?
  4. Mixon or Hill

    Mixon. If he gets 30 touches in a blow out loss, he's a play based on volume alone
  5. Please pick 2 out of these 3

    I'd go Brown and ARob. have a feeling Oakland is going to run a lot vs. Cincy.
  6. Help with this Line-up .......

    Wow...that team is stacked, particularly at WR. No doubt TE is a soft, but isn't just about everyone this year? If you can start 3 WRs, which it appears you can, I'd stand pat. No way I give up a Julio or even a Cupp for Kelce.
  7. Trade Tony Pollard for Golden Tate?

    You could decline it and hold onto the lottery ticket, but on first blush, I'd probably take that deal. Rather have Tate the way he's going than Ridley or maybe even ARob.
  8. This is not a joke..... pick my QB

    Just by eye test, I'd actually go with Finley. I watched that Bear game and he looked a heck of a lot better than I've seen Haskins look in any game action I've seen him in this year. Better receiving weapons too, and Oakland is no powerhouse D
  9. Looking ahead...

    Wow...I have exactly the same choice for week 11. Leaning Browns
  10. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Ah Rats..only got 6 pts out of Carr last night to my opponents 14.5 from Mel Gordon. Here's betting RJones goes off. Alas, FFL dontcha know.
  11. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Thanks y'all....Carr is likely the lower floor play....not as high a ceiling but safer.
  12. Eckler or Samuels?

    Well ..it does kinda look like Conner is out. Hmmm. Id' go Samuels I guess
  13. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Guess I should just say Carr or RJonesIII at flex?
  14. Need help with flex spot

    Agree with most on Allen
  15. Eckler or Samuels?

    If Conner is out, I go Samuels. If Conner plays, Ekeler. Problem is with Ekeler going tonight, you don't have the luxury of waiting on Conner. Boil it all down, and I'd start Ekeler to be safest.