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  1. Depleted WR corps get depleteder.

    Probably past your trading deadline....but man, you got plenty of RBs to trade for servicable WR. So now your playing a "which slot receiver?" game. Based on matchups, I agree with the others on Amendola and Tate.
  2. Week 15 LineUp Help - Semifinals

    Agree w/ Montana
  3. Would you change this lineup?

    I think you've got it right - Washington over Lindsay if JJ is out.
  4. Best Line Up Advice

    I think your lineup is good to go. One could certainly argue for Mostert as a higher ceiling play, but to me Gordon is safer which is what I'd want in a playoff game unless maybe my opponent was predicted to blow me away.
  5. Will I be happy at the end of tonight's game?

    .14 loss in week 14 in OT of Monday night game is brutal indeed. Ouch. FFL can be ruthless sometimes.
  6. Who's the RB to pickup..

    I'd probably drop Guice and Penny for Mostert and Washington if you can grab more than one FA. Playoffs are here....gotta play one game at a time, then sort it out later.
  7. Bench Lamar week 13 vs SF?

    Agree with with the consensus here - no way you bench Lamar. While he may not rack up as many passing TDs as this week, he'll still get you excellent numbers with his legs and any actual passing points are bonus. Too good and too hot to sit.
  8. Trade deadline

    Absolutely I take that deal.
  9. Ah thanks M! Man...I'm can't believe I'm really gonna sit Dak....
  10. Hunt or RoJo for my flex spot? Who you like??

    Yep Hunt is the easy call here
  11. Keep or Drop Josh Gordon

    ..or a drop apparently. If Shepard is there, i might seriously consider dropping Gordon for Shep.
  12. Help me with this line up (ROS)

    If your WR depth was just a little deeper, I'd say an Ertz for a Kupp would not be crazy. But if you do it, you now only have DJ Moore as your WR backup. Probably not the best to do going into the playoffs. Now Bell for Kupp is insteresting....kinda like that you could Flex either Bell or Gordon each week. You'd need to move another RB to someone for another backup receiver, maybe figure out a WR and TE deal....not sure. Anyway, you're only glaring need is a TE upgrade, so not sure that Bell really helps you that much.
  13. Flex help ppr

    I'd go Bo
  14. I'm in a 12 team Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE) league with some nice bonuses for length of TD and yardage tiers. As a firm proponent of "Start Your Studs" theory, I can't believe I'm seriously considering sitting my team's co-MVP Dak Prescott in favor of Baker Mayfield and Derrick Carr this weekend! But I am.... @ NE scares me more than it should. Someone talk me down here...