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  1. Drafting tonight

    Better late than never! The "Rest of Season Rankings" right here on the Huddle should give you some pretty good notes as a cheat sheet. DMDs notes below are pretty handy. Captain Obvious here but Avoid anyone (and I mean anyone) on: Miami Jets Bears might put Denver in here too, though late value on guys like E Sanders Agree to fade Minny WR's but Dalvin Cook is a top 3 RB (get his handcuff Mattison!), like him better than Saquon and Kamara right now

    Agree with Montana
  3. Trade advice

    I agree with GMachine....no way. do I give up an RB I drafted in the 1st or rnd round for the other guys mid/low picks. Brady is an upgrade sure, but as GMachine put it, you're likely not gaining that many more points with him vs. streaming who ya got. P.S. - Time to update the team in your Sig. It'll help us help you
  4. Which running backs to start

    As a Conner owner, pains me to say I might leave him out his week until it gets a little clearer how PIT will operate with their new QB
  5. Trade Advice: Julio for Lev and Cupp

    I would steer way clear of any of the Jets right now. Keep Julio!
  6. Trade question.

    You are deep at WR no question, and could use some help at RB, so I understand why you're looking at this trade. That said, I'm not sure I would do it, unless you thinks Tyrell is going to continue his week one performance consistently. I would more more of an RB1 for Evans...but that's just me.
  7. Just drafted - rate my team!

    Very well done. Good depth and solid performers across the board.
  8. So AB is already f****** me so....

    Another vote for Fuller. Play him while he's healthy!
  9. Something tells me Waller is going to have the bigger game. No data or insight to back me up, i just get the feeling that they'll feed Waller more and DEN will have an easier time covering WRs.
  10. Who else is 0-2?

    My team in league 2 below is just plain awful. 0-2 with low scores each week. I'm not panicking yet but I'm getting close....
  11. Cadillac's great day came because MIN stacked the line to stop a short run and the TB OL cracked a seem into open territory with only 1:34 or so remaining in the game. Cadillac looks nice, but I think he was a bit lucky last week. BUF D is awesome and will limit him I think. So, I would start more experienced S. Jackson and Kev. Jones against lesser D's
  12. Need WR depth..

    Of those, I would say Bettis is the most expendable, but none none of those receivers really seems worth it. If K. Johnson is Key Johnson, perhaps, as he looks like the go to @ DAL right now. I wouldn't even consider it for any of the others. K. Curtis has a lot of competition for balls thrown his way and Ferguson is now the #2 in GB but they're not looking so hot. The other guys are unlikely to produce much..
  13. wow ! Manning!

    Manning would have looked even better had he taken just a tiny bit off that bomb to Harrison in the 2Q. Nobody within 20 yards of Marvin on that play..should have been an easy 6. Thanks to my slugs S. Jackson, C. Martin, L. Coles, A. Boldin, and J. Brown I still lost w/ Manning yesterday.
  14. Dallas Clark Questionable?

    As a Manning owner, I'm hoping that Dallas plays. They'll need him against the Ravens.
  15. Priest need a priest?

    Priest is more of a risk to get nicked up than others due to age and past history. However, there's no reason to assume he won't be an elite FF back for the first half of the season. After that, who knows...
  16. Jamal Lewis - Week 1

    Nice read yo. I have been kicking myself a bit for drafting Jamal ahead of Dillon, but I don't really have a choice as to whether or not to play him (besides putting Lee Evans in instead as a flex - not) and here's hoping you are correct in your analysis come Sunday night. My take is Jamal will likely get 15-20 carries but his YPC may be down a bit if his ankle and feet are bothering him. I just hope they have a couple of shots goalline on 1st and 2nd down...then Jamal should produce.
  17. Ladanian Traded in our League

    I'm not sure why so many leagues are so quick to veto trades. Unless your dealing with obvious collusion, it is up to the two parties making a trade to determine fair worth for their "property" vs. what someone else is offering. Not all trades are fair, but commissioners and other league members need to take some of the opinion out of the veto process. IMO, most trades should be approved...(agian unless it's horribly one-sided) In this case I agree that the guy getting LT is psyched. I'd rather be on that end of the trade. But the other guy is getting two starting RB's and obviously feels he needs them... so different strategies that may or may not work.
  18. undecisive of who to Start at third WR

    BTW, nice avatar! Agree with Grendel and aaron. Amazing receivers for a 12 team league. I'm guessing your RB's are thin....
  19. Your favorite #2 WR

    Wayne is pretty much a #1 this year so he should be off that list. Of the rest, I'd say Driver, Lelie, Bruce and T.J. have the best chance to be a solid #2, with Porter in the mix too (but his hammy concerns me)
  20. Help me....WDIS

    Curtis probably has the best chance to score.
  21. curry worth starting?

    Tough call. I'd lean towards Moulds as NE has a stout secondary....
  22. WDIS @ RB

    Jackson Jones Westbrook Taylor = unknown how he wil respond to limited work this spring. Let him do what he can this weak and see for next week. Arrington = rookie. Same thing...
  23. Urgent Trade Dispute

    If both parties agree to this trade it should be approved by your commissioner and go through, regardless of the viability on D. Hall. This is not collusion but it is basically a 2 for 1 deal. So what? You get a top shelf Receiver and the other guy gets a starting RB and a decent #2 or 3 receiver. Seems fair to me.
  24. a randy moss trade

    I would guess he will not accept the old 2 for 1 unless his other receivers are incredibly weak. 2 for 1's rarely benefit the guy gettign two players, particularly in the same position.