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  1. Trade Advice

    Well IMO H Ward is a vastly superior receiver to Kennison, but Kennison is on a more potent offense. Still, I'd probably make that trade...
  2. I wouldn't make any of these deals. Way too much starting talent in the 2-4 rounds to be trading away two for one. Stick with your 4th pick and take Priest or some other stud RB if your worried about his durability, then take a sweet RB or WR w/ your second and third picks.
  3. If your Drafting spot is 6-9

    Where's J. Lewis in this mix?
  4. Just Drafted

    Drafted Manning first as well in my 12 team big money re-draft league last Sat. I knew my pick for 24 hours and I really struggled between Manning and LT #1. Ultimately, my league's scoring rules (all td's 6-12 points depending on length, bonus pt for every 50 yds passing vs. 20 yds rushing and receiving) swayed me to take Manning. However, doing so really pigeonholed my draft strategy. I prettymuch was forced to go RB/RB at picks 2.12 and 3.01, taking Steven Jackson and Curtis Martin in those slots (best that was left before rookies). And then this meant I had to wait until 4.12 and 5.01 to get receivers, all of whom were middle tier guys... My saving grace could have been M. Anderson in round 9! For all you Manning First guys, my resulting team from a 12 team redraft selecting Manning first is listed as "League #1" below. Manning will need to carry me.....
  5. #7

    I agree that #7 is WAY too early. Be pleased that someone else may spend on him prior to your second round pick, leaving a different and potentially nicer RB or WR on the table for you...
  6. How does my team look?

    Well WR's are the strength of your team - a position you can usually strengthen later through free agency and trades. You'll need some large performances by an aging RB and a rookie RB to compete well with that lineup IMO.
  7. Just Drafted

    I agree with you that you likely jumped on T. Green early and you could have had a legit #1 WR at that spot and helped your team quite a bit. However, with your scoring favoring QB's, I can see why you felt you needed to get a good one. Hope T. Green rips it up for ya.
  8. Should I be worried?

    Your squad looks pretty solid at QB and RB but your WR's and depth are lacking. Better hope that CuMar has a good year like last year (and pick up his backup)
  9. The Peyton Manning Draft Strategy

    After discovering on Friday night that I would be drafting 1st in my 12-man, redraft league I executed the Peyton Manning Strategy and here are my results so those who have left to draft and are considering taking Manning can have some feel for what they might expect from the 1 slot. Keep in mind my league rewards QBs, RBs and WR/TE's the same amount for TDs (6 pts for TD less than 14 yds, 9 pts for TD 15-34 yds, 12 pts for TD longer than 34 yards - HUGE edge to QB's!!) 1.01 - Manning 2.12 - C. Martin 3.01 - S. Jackson 4.12 - D. Foster 5.01 - A Boldin 6.12 - L. Coles 7.01 - I. Bruce 8.12 - E. Moulds 9.01 - M. Anderson 10.12 - E. Shelton etc, etc So you can see that tasking Manning kind of pigeonholes you into getting #14-20 RB's and WR's and you will need to get a bit lucky and have some guys emerge. I would have never selected Manning in ANY of my other leagues, but with the scoring in this league rewarding 12 points for a 35 yd TD pass (vs. the same 12 points for a 35 yrd TD reception or run), I just couldn't pass on Manning.
  10. keeper question

    +1 Go w/ Rudi. He's also younger...
  11. Rate my squad...

    I give it a 17.563 (deducted points for poor list structure) Might want to edit that post a bit so it's easier to figure out. i.e. let us know how many teams in the league, scoring rules, in what rounds people were taken.... looks like a decent to strong team for a 10-man league
  12. Draft Help

    Agreed... You would need to get extremely lucky with RB picks in rounds 3 and 4 to compensate for selecting WR/WR in your two turns of the first 24 picks. Here's a good example for you from one of my drafts last year. One of our guys used this strategy and actually did about as well as you could possibly hope for. He ended up with Moss, Holt and C. Johnson by taking WR/WR/WR with his first three picks. Ridiculous WR set.... And he got very lucky because he drafted Curtis Martin in like the 5th round, so he scored a solid high value back late. With CuMar, and getting C. Johnson in the third, he, as I say, got pretty darn lucky. He still didn't make the playoffs.... finished 9-7 I think. and again the championship was won by a guy who drafted two stud RB's (LT2 and Tiki) in the first two rounds (though the guy who drafted manning at 1.12 did pretty darn well too)
  13. done with draft #1

    Given the starting requirements listed, it seems to me the TE discussion is moot - TE's don't appear to be required starters. He can just fill in Bruce, Moulds, Key or Bettis as his flex and rock on! Nice draft! I'd be thrilled to have those first 6 picks in my league!
  14. Draft Length

    16 is plenty and makes for more interesting waiver wire action (which, depending on your league, can help build the final pot ) why would you hold onto 2 kickers and 2 Def's all year?
  15. Keeper League "Who to keep prior to Draft"

    As I see it you have two choices. You keep the 6 you mentioned (3 backs, 2 WRs and 1 TE), draft the best QB you can and go for the win this year, hoping to pick up a young sleeper QB later in the draft this year or next. OR... You drop Gonzo and place your bets on Eli or Leftwich. Personally, I think you have a solid squad and go for it this year as that choice won't hurt you much next year with that young squad.
  16. T. Green keeper or not?

    # of teams in league? Scoring rules? Estimated players left when you draft? Would need look at some of this info to provide decent advice. On its face I'd probably dump one of the receivers though....
  17. C.Dillion or D.Davis

    I think cliaz is spot on. Dillon = nice consistency, DD = potential for large numbers one game and average/below average #'s the next. The kicker may be your scoring rules. If your league rewards additional points for: receptions length of TD receiving yards then DD may be your man....
  18. Da Chicago Bearrrrs

    Well, as much as I like all the positive mojo from my fellow Bears fans, I think there is too big of a hill to climb offensively for this team to really compete for playoff spot this year. Defnesively, I'd call the Bears above average thanks to some talent at LB and over-achievers on the line and secondary, but they will have a tough time scoring points with an undersized 2nd year QB (with only a few games of experience), a juggled and suspect OL, a new offensive system, new #1 receiver, rookie RB sharing time with Thomas Jones possibly, the list goes on. I think to expect the Bears to have all of these pieces fall together would take a small miracle. I realistically see tham at 7-9, unless they somehow have a horseshoe jammed up their arse as they did in '01
  19. TO Trade Offer

    I would NOT make this trade. Love him or hate hime, T.O. is a bonafied stud (between the lines) and it would be hard to argue that he is not a big difference maker on a fantasy team. You can only start 2 RB's and must start 3WR/Tes, so TO has more value to you as an everyday starter than does a less valuable WR and a #3 and #4 RB. Indeed, you will be able to pick up that solid #3RB anyway, so you are covered there and will still have TO on your team. Here's a look at your potential starting line-ups (w/ first sub) and you tell me which team you'd rather face: Hass DDavis JJones (S Jackson, TBell, AGreen - 1.4 pick) TO Ward Lloyd (or decent #3 WR you get in round 2 or 3) etc or Hass DDavis JJones (S Jackson, TBell, AGreen - 1.4 pick) DJackson HWard Lloyd (or S. Smith, Coles etc.) I'd sure rather play against team 2
  20. Smart to go RB, RB, RB?

    Given your scoring system, this is absolutely a strong strategy, but don't get too married to it. Difference makers at each position is the key. So if for some reason Pepper is available at pick 20, perhaps you take him and your #2 RB rather than 2 RBs at 20 & 21 as he may be the last of the tier 1A QB's. It sounds as if you are on the right track by analyzing your leagues scoring vs. player/position value. Use that to your advantage throughout your draft and don't let a pre-arranged "system" get in the way.
  21. Keeper Question

    How many do you keep? If 3, I'd keep Kevin Jones of JJ to go along with Deuce and Dom
  22. Fred Taylor

    Yep..Me too. Need Freddy to repeat last week's perfomance which helped me get to the SB. If not, I'll be starting Shaud Williams agaist SF (ouch) Any Jax homers out there who can keep us posted would be much appreciated!!
  23. How did you get to your SB?

    Anybody else noticing the one "player" that seems to be on most of these teams? Yep....Buffalo Defense Who my SB opponent has on his team...OUCH!
  24. How did you get to your SB?

    Basically didn;t do a whole lot to get to my Super Bowl...kind of backed in. Got into the playoffs on a head-to-head tie breaker over the leagues top scorer (who I beat by 5 points in week 12 or so), then had a big week from unlikely WAS D (FA-week 13), T. Green (drafted), E. Kennison (FA - week 12) and F. Taylor (drafted) to carry me to a win in the semis this past week over the Manning owner who's been crushing our league. Basically, I've been riding mediocre offensive output and picking the right defense each week between CHI, ATL and WAS to eke out wins in a VERY large money league. If I win this week vs. the team that has Brady, LT2, Tiki, M. Muhammed, S. Moss and L. Fitgerald, I win somthing like $4,500!! Crazy hobby...
  25. Trent Green

    Any word from KC about T. Green? Need a last second call to pull him or not tx BK