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  1. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Ah Rats..only got 6 pts out of Carr last night to my opponents 14.5 from Mel Gordon. Here's betting RJones goes off. Alas, FFL dontcha know.
  2. Kind of a two part question here and could use some thoughts... Here's some context: Superflex league allows us to put a QB in flex, i.e if you choose, you can start 2 QBs. But league scoring rules are a bit more favorable to RB and WR based on .5 PPR and some length of TD and yardage bonuses. I'm Starting Dak and currently have Derek Carr in flex. But LAC D scares me lately and Thursday night doesn't help. My other bench QB is Mayfield who will remain there until maybe he plays Cincy in a couple weeks. Set at WR - no extra WRs available on my bench thanks to bye-mageddon. Meanwhile at RB, I have D. Henry, JConners or Jaylen Samual, and Ronald Jones. Right now starting Henry and Conner awaiting how Conner injury pans out. If Conner is out, I would start Samual. So I'm thinking I should sit Carr and put Jones in at flex. OR I start Jones with Henry and then wait for either Conner or Samual as flex. If Conner plays, I fear he might re-injure or not be very effective. Just have a bad feeling abut Carr tonight. What do you think I should do here?
  3. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Thanks y'all....Carr is likely the lower floor play....not as high a ceiling but safer.
  4. Eckler or Samuels?

    Well ..it does kinda look like Conner is out. Hmmm. Id' go Samuels I guess
  5. SuperFlex dilemma for week 10

    Guess I should just say Carr or RJonesIII at flex?
  6. Need help with flex spot

    Agree with most on Allen
  7. Eckler or Samuels?

    If Conner is out, I go Samuels. If Conner plays, Ekeler. Problem is with Ekeler going tonight, you don't have the luxury of waiting on Conner. Boil it all down, and I'd start Ekeler to be safest.
  8. Rb and flex

    I'd go Jacobs and Lockett (particularly if PPR), but Jacobs and Mel Gordon a close 2nd
  9. Contemplating on trading Deshaun Watson....

    Jets are a hot mess. I wouldn't touch them even with that schedule. Keep looking
  10. I traded

    Steal of a deal for you IMO. Golladay a likely top 10WR ROS with that awful running game in Detroit. Waller a top 10 TE, I get it but not much a downgrade for you with Andrews. Major upgrade at WR.
  11. WR TRADE?

    Woods and SF D for Sanu is a heck of a trade for you. Run don't walk.
  12. Ertz officially safe to drop

    I benched him in favor of Robby Anderson in my WR/TE league. Ooops.
  13. Championship run

    Very strong team! Agree with others, only area on disadvantage vs. rest of league is likely QB. Not sure you're going to get a top 10 FFL QB for McLaurin, or even McLaurin bundled with JAllen. But you are sick deep at RB and I bet one of your RB4 or 5 would shake loose a nice QB...and allow you to keep JAllen as backup.
  14. Flex help

    I agree with Zephy...go Michel.
  15. Accept this trade?

    Not buying AJ Green as anything but a WR3 this year, especially with a backup QB starting.
  16. Accept this trade?

    Offering Colemen is laughable IMO. MT is top tier RB#1 worthy, and I'm not buying Coleman as an RB#1. Montana - in a fulll PPR with bonus @ 100yds, I'd take that deal, no question. Being able to roll out MT and Kupp each week > Chubb Carson IMO. In other words, Carson, Coleman with Monty as RB3 w/ MT, Kupp and TY as WR3 > Chubb, Carson with Coleman as RB3 w/ Kupp, TY and Gallup as WR3 in your format. VikingVet makes a good point above as well, though I see Hunt in minimal 3rd down back role. As an aside...did you say you were thinking about dropping Dak in favor of Brissett? Wha??
  17. Streaming D, 8-0: please help pick 1

    Like that CLE call..... but Philly is probably your best bet
  18. Start sanders tonight?

    I actually am choosing between Sanders and Ertz in a TE/WR blend league and leaning to Sanders given how FFL bad Ertz has been this year. that said, in your case, I would no question flex J. Samuels and sit E. Sanders, even if Conners is active.
  19. Fournette & Diggs for Zeke Elliot

    Looking at your other WR options, If you have Fournette and Diggs, I would keep them. Fournette is due for some TDs and I actually bet he and Zeke will be pretty equal rest of year. And you need Diggs with Cooks hurt and under-performing.
  20. K & DST

    Gay and Dallas
  21. Tough QB Decision This Week.

    I think you have to start Lamar regardless of opponent.....it's basically like starting an RB @ QB who also gets you some QB points. Sure....Pats will scheme for him but no way I sit Lamar.
  22. QB trade?

    Yep a Stafford or Minshew type is more attainable IMO
  23. Derrick Henry/Robert Woods for Leveon Bell

    I think the OP should really be shopping Henry or another of his RB's for a WR upgrade vs. what I think is a lateral RB.
  24. Trade help

    I hear ya Tater...go ahead and make the offer. But don't be surprised when the other guy balks. I agree that Theilen & Lindsay is more like it. Not sure of your starting requirements nor who else you have at RB. If you start 3 WR, then having your starting 3 is a major advantage and I wouldn't deal a Theilen. But if you start only 2 WRs and can really upgrade at RB, then that makes sense to me.
  25. I agree with the rest. Your team is fine, as is your WR depth once AJ comes back. Pats D is a weekly advantage for you over other teams vs. whoever you might get for them. Also...why would you drop Cousins? What if Brees gets hurt again?