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  1. wdis

    gotta go with primetime monday night shootout high scoring game.
  2. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    i got a trade offer i get holt and m,anderson for kj and w,parker?:
  3. RB Help

    parker all the way!!!!
  4. what if i got willis m and holt for fast willy and k,jones?
  5. i have bulgur and that would leave me only priest but there is some free agents i could get t,jones,any viking,r,brown,foster,m,shipp or pittman move or stay?
  6. i got mccardel and can get roy who got the better upside?
  7. WR Help Please

    lelie and regie
  8. who would you start

    potis ran for over 100yards on chicgo ??
  9. who would you start

    i am leaning toward jones but cant deside,6 point td plus 1point ervery 15 yards rec. and rush
  10. who do i start?

    any more advice?
  11. who do i start?

    mccardel or a,lelie s,smith is my #1 also just picked up willy parker should i play him or kevin jones ,holmes # 1
  12. R.Williams or Curtis

    i am hearing alot of good things about curtis,go with him