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  1. Trade Offer Question

    Thanks, that's where my head was at also....currently have some feeler's out on alternatives.
  2. This is a different league from my last post. Here's some background In this league we get to keep 8 players. The rosters are 22 players because we start 2QB's, 3 RB's, 3 WR's 1TE, K, Off Line, Return team, Def Line, Def Backs....It's a bit much, but that's not the question. I need a second QB...My keeper's right now are Mahomes, Barkley, McCaffrey, Henry, Beckham, DJ Moore, Waller...the 8th Spot is open at the moment. The Trade offer is: I would get Josh Allen, Melvin Gordon and the 3rd overall pick in the reentry draft, for Barkley or McCaffrey, Guice (other player I have, but was not keeping ) and the 11th overall pick....I would do the trade for Henry instead of Barkley/McCaffrey.....Your Thoughts ????
  3. Trade offer...Thoughts

    I can keep 4 rookies on the Taxi squad...once I activate the player, the clock starts ticking and I can keep for 3 years max....The plan is to go thru season one with just the players from the regular draft....we have 18 positions....Starters are 2 QB 2RB , 2WR, TE, Flex (RB or WR), K and DEF. Depending on the Rookie's the plan is to hold them and evaluate in season two. With my first pick...I'm looking at RB or Burrows...I like CEH and Taylor...I think that Dobbins is ahead of Swift...So it would come down to Dobbins or Burrows with the first pick..What do you think ?
  4. Trade offer...Thoughts

    BC, Thanks for the advice......Just one more curve ball regarding the Rookie's....The rookie draft is 4 rounds.....and they are on a "Taxi" Squad....Meaning that if I don't activate them I can keep them into the following year along with the 3 Keepers from the regular draft. Once I activate, then They follow the same rules as the other players.....So, what I'm looking for is a player with long term potential like CEH, Taylor, Burrows etc....the key will be when to activate them. I would probably not activate the first season....
  5. Trade offer...Thoughts

    Hi Jeff, The first part of the trade was in the rookie 1.03 pick for his 1.05 pick.....he was also going to compensate me in the main draft with his 3.05 and 5.05 for my 3.08 and my 5,08 picks....Based on your reply and Big Country's...I've decided to reject the offer....Thanks to all for your input it was much appreciated.
  6. Trade offer...Thoughts

    BC, I'd be moving up to the 5th pick in the 3rd and 5th rounds from my current 8th pick,
  7. Trade offer...Thoughts

    It's a new everyone is available the first year...then we can keep 3 players from different positions starting in the second year.
  8. I'm in a new 10 TM .5 PPR 2QB Dynasty league. We are having two for Rookie's (I have 3rd pick) and the regular draft (I have 8th pick). I've been offered a trade.....My 3rd pick in Rookie for his 5th pick (Round 1 only) He'll also swap 3rd and 5th round picks in regular draft...He drafts 5th and I draft 8th. Your thoughts ?? Would you do this trade ??? Thanks