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  1. Third Pick

    I agree....Barkley is the play. If the Giants have any new O-line issues this summer, I would consider Kamara !
  2. Mr T or Awesome E?

    For me team consistency and stability is everything this year.......it's WR Thomas and not even close !
  3. Trade Offer Question

    I agree there is no way I trade Barkley....CMC or Henry for that offer ! Keep looking !
  4. Boyd for Gallup

    The 3rd rd sweetens the deal for me. They are pretty equal WR's in my mind !
  5. Keeper Q: Boyd or Ekeler?

    Howdy. Not trusting Ekeler to produce like last year ! QB change does not help ! I like Boyd in the 13th more.....even in a .5 PPR league. I believe QB Burrows raises Boyd's game soon into the year !
  6. Keeper Question

    Thanks for your input guys ! Much appreciated ! I finally came around to the fact that as long as Cook does not hold out and it looks like he will not.....he is the play in the 2nd rd.
  7. Keeper Question

    This exercise shows the strength in keeping Cook and pairing him with Chubb or Mixon ! Thanks.....my brain freeze has thawed !
  8. Keeper Question

    If I did keep RB Elliott......my 2nd rd options drop in RB talent of course, but my WR talent is still very good ! RD 2 RB options would be David Johnson....James Conner...Chris Carson...Mark Ingram...Todd Gurley. My WR options would be Amari Cooper...K Golladay....Mike evans....Kupp....DJ Moore...Beckham and Robinson. Honestly I am not seeing a superior combo, but I do see a workable combo ! Thanks for your insight.
  9. Keeper Question

    I am not concerned with Chubb's talent....I agree he is a stud....and so is Hunt ! Not sure I trust the new HC having 2 stud RB's is all. RB Mixon may have more touches than Chubb ? I want my 1st rd pick to be free of these possible issues. This is why I am still hung up with keeping RB Elliott.....he truly fits the 1st rd test! Thanks for keeping the conversation going ! I do agree Chubb and Cook could be money ! It's just not that clear cut for me.
  10. Please help me pick my keeper

    Picking 9th.....I would want RB Drake and see how the draft falls to you. Being a non-ppr league......that reduces Hill's value....to me.
  11. Keeper Question

    I declare my keeper on draft night....August 29th.
  12. Keeper Question

    I do tend to agree with keeping Cook in the 2nd....great value ! My hesitation is it is a 12 team league and it is a full PPR. Keeping Elliott who is a true bell cow and has never been hurt......gives me great confidence and value ! Keeping Cook leaves me choosing between Chubb and Mixon. I like them both but Hunt bothers me and a 1st rd pick on Chubb is concerning. Taking Mixon would be the same as with Cook....the possibility of a holdout. Mixon has also been injured. I believe any 1st rd pick should be a NO brainer and that is Elliott. You still think Cook and Chubb or Cook and Mixon is the play ? Thanks for your views. Much appreciated.
  13. Keeper Question

    I have the 6th pick in the 2020 draft. I need one of these keepers. RB Elliott in the 1st or RB Cook in the 2nd. If I keep Cook in the 2nd, I believe that RB's Mixon....Chubb.....Jones will be available at the 6 pick. RB's go fast in this league ! Your thoughts on my keeper choice ! Thanks.