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  1. 5 minutes boys!!

    Good luck everyone
  2. Week 1 panic thread

    Let it all out here
  3. Opening Week Talk

    People in my money league.
  4. Opening Week Talk

    And they called me crazy for drafting Jacobs over Thomas this year.....
  5. Week 1 panic thread

    Mixon was trash today
  6. DeAndre Hopkins extension

    How about his week 1 !!! Dude saved me from a loss
  7. Opening Week Talk

    I feel for browns fans
  8. Week 1 panic thread

    I know only three receptions for 17 yards what is up with that this guy was a first round pick
  9. Week 1 panic thread

    Throw the whole browns offense in there
  10. Week 1 panic thread

    I agree
  11. Week 1 panic thread

    Not going to lie I’m kind of panicked about Kamaras rushing yards haha
  12. 5 minutes boys!!

    Yeah he was on like 10 mins ago
  13. Opening Week Talk

    Kamaras yardage is weak
  14. Opening Week Talk

    Kamara is in for a monster TD season
  15. Opening Week Talk

    I can’t believe I sat Russell
  16. Opening Week Talk

    Mark Andrews is a fantasy stud
  17. Opening Week Talk

    Lamar is going off
  18. Opening Week Talk

    I need cmc to start getting more touches what’s going on in that game
  19. Opening Week Talk

    I should have started Russell today
  20. Opening Week Talk

    CMC first TD !
  21. Opening Week Talk

    Dalvin cook for the score baby
  22. WDIS as my flex, full ppr

  23. Aj Brown or Kupp?