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  1. odell for fulgham?

    I'm deep at receiver with Ridley, Metcalf, Fuller, Claypool, DJ Moore, Ceedee, and Odell
  2. My team: Josh Allen/Matt Ryan Chubb/Taylor/Gordon/Hunt/Malcom Brown Moore/Ridley/Metcalf/Hilton/Anderson/Deebo Samuel/Fuller/Ceedee Mark Andrews
  3. Ceedee or TY hilton?

    Who should I plug in at WR2 (have Taylor at flex)
  4. Conner or Fuller

    fuller, it's a tough matchup but hopefully he can get some big game script points
  5. trade mahomes?

    Got offered josh allen DK Metcalf and Calvin Ridley for Mahomes and Fournette. I could use some more receivers.
  6. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    to be honest i thought marlon mack would dominate the year and didn't want to spend those picks on him.
  7. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    could try moving godwin instead. And the only guys i put above dak are Lamar, Mahomes, Wilson, and maybe Kyler.
  8. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    that's exactly why i did it. I don't want to start out 1-4. No point in having thomas for playoffs if u don't make them. Also wanted a more balanced squad. Hunt does catch more balls but he did not see the field that much last night until the 4th. I passed on Kamara in the draft like a (the really bad word)in idiot because it was the day it got announced he wanted a trade which turned out to be total bullmanure. Wish i had taken helaire or henry instead. if ur team is 1 QB then try moving watson and thomas for an elite back to a team with a lesser QB maybe. I don't think your team can be consistent with those backs. That being said maybe don't take advice from me because i may have just made a dumbass trade.
  9. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    fair criticism. Truthfully I didn't like Thomas this year from the moment I drafted him, and then week one he was bad, and then he got hurt. So I probably should not have taken him to begin with if I was just gonna sell him for a RB2. And trust me I got roasted in the group chat. On paper it was a god awful trade, but if you want my logic I love Taylor's upside, think Thomas will have an off year, and now have a plethora of backs to trade for another WR.
  10. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    i'm definitely already having regrets, but my plan was to get taylor and hope he gives me at least borderline rb1 production, and then trade some of my rb depth for a receiver who is not michael thomas, just because i was having lots of doubts about him.
  11. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    definitely took a risk. And I wanted to get Taylor before his value increases but still ended up giving more than I planned. He wouldn't take DJ Moore. Was thinking about packaging fuller and Hunt/Melvin/Brown for another receiver.
  12. just traded michael thomas for jon taylor

    It is PPR, but an eight man which means WRS are bountiful and RBs are hard to come by. So while I didn't have your RB2 situation definitely didn't feel good about it compared to the other teams in the league. I like the idea of melvin and fuller but I shopped him a bit this week and no one seemed interested. Do you think selling Chubb high is the move? I really liked what I saw out of him last night, was considering selling Hunt high because he only really got carries when they were protecting a lead, which I think will be a rare scenario for cleveland going forward.
  13. Feel free to crucify me. I desperately needed a RB after my team put up 100 points in week one and I have a feeling Michael Thomas finishes outside of the top five receivers this year. Did I pull the gun on a guy who has not really proved much too early, probably, but my plan is to now levy Mahomes/Kareem Hunt for another receiver. Can someone let me know who they think I should move to get another WR. Roster: Mahomes Chubb Taylor DJ Moore TY Hilton Mark Andrews Bench: Kareem Hunt Malcom Brown Will Fuller V Robby Anderson Ceedee Lamb Deebo Samuel Melvin Gordon Fournette