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  1. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Packers are nowhere near the top for me, they are just ugly. Bengals Home Seahawks Carolina's Blue Alt's are very nice I don't like Dallas, but these are cool unis Link to all spamshirts
  2. Jags D minus Darius

    also remember that the Jags were preparing to not have Darius due to contract problems and the possibility that he was going to leave the team has been prevelant for a couple of years. They got a deal done this year (good for him that he did not sign the 1-year franchise offer now)...point is they have considered this position before. As was posted earlier, Deke Cooper is a should be a good player.
  3. Donovin Darius

    out for the year... link
  4. what do you need on MNF?

    I need the refs to overturn the Passing Interference call on Moss last night (I started Collins and Moss) so I can win 2 games instead of lose them both. Otherwise I am hosed.
  5. Moss!

    I noticed that too it's past grandpa's night-night time...
  6. Jaguars at Colts

    I respect Byron for standing in there, he made some great throws late in the game with people all over him. He has got to stop taking such a beating though. That no call at the end of the game on the last play to J Smith was questionable. the Jags will be back. Good game though...
  7. Florida State vs. Boston Col.

    I am cautiously optimistic that the shine FSU saw in the 2nd half was the preverbial "light going off" for Whetherford...
  8. LIONS @ Bears

    ditto, this should be a good week for the Lions D.
  9. DMD likes Leftwich again this week.

    he had two in each of the last 2 years link I am not disagreeing, but a blind squirrel.... maybe a sneak.
  10. DMD likes Leftwich again this week.

    the Jags WRs matchup well with almost anyone in the Red Zone...and given their problems with short yardage last week, I think DMDs onto something.
  11. Byron Leftwich Listed as "One Week Wonder"?

    he looked good in the game last weekend. The Jags seem to be determined to open up the offense this year...they have to do this to compete when they get behind. Jax started out in the shotgun on the first series last Sunday and he looked very decisive and comfortable. I would look for more or the same this week vs. Indy. I have heard Del Rio emphasize starting out quickly many times.
  12. Long year for Alexander owners

    Yea, but a chunk of it came on a couple of runs to the outside. Had he not broken those off it would have been way worse. I know only the total counts, but he came close to having a really bad day. Jax's interior D line is probably the best in the NFL....2 Pro-Bowlers starting and they get after it. Now they need some help from the O. I think SA will be fine...
  13. Brandon Jacobs inquiry

    Rectum Fire?
  14. MNF?

    We are watching the NFL's implode on itself with advertising and corporate sponsorship due partly to its' own popularity. The NFL charges $ XX gazillion for the broadcast rights, so the broadcasting companies now have to auction off all the bits and pieces of the broadcast to afford it. The Chevy pregame, Lexus halftime etc. In addition, it's turned into a race to get viewers so they can demonstrate a following and charge more for the spots. I think it sucks. Nothing is funny or creative anymore. That being said, having Tim McGoo, or whoever he is, create custom lyrics each week based highligths is about the dumbest thing they have done...ever.