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  1. Manning, James out

    Edge got a complete shafting this year. He finally has a chance to shine this season in this one game and they dont even play him. WHY????
  2. *- 49 -*

    Who cares!
  3. TD Droughns?

    my playoff run is completely over. thanks to shanny you ugly ***
  4. TD Droughns?

    thats a pretty big ***.. wonder who was the lucky guy that hit
  5. Samie Parker

    I just picked him up in waiver wire as my #3 receiver this week. Anyone got any opinions on this guy?
  6. Stallworth or Heap

    Who should get the job this week? Heap is questionable.
  7. Is NFL.COM wrong?

    Seems like he caught the ball and ran the wrong way.. bwahahaha
  8. LJ.....THANKS

    I wanted to pick him up in the waiver last week but T. Bell had a much favorable schedule. Hopefully next time ill trust my own judgement and wont listen to you guys
  9. A-Train has run 3 times in a row

    Back in business baby!!
  10. A-Train has run 3 times in a row

    You can kiss my championship hopes goodbye. Me not starting Tatum, pitts d did crap and Jones not even playing.. WHY???
  11. A-Train has run 3 times in a row

    Lovie Smith is just a *** and a liar. He said that Thomas JOnes was the feature back and thats the bottom line. Nothing but bull***!
  12. Tatum Bell Playing?

    Im in the playoffs you idiot. whats your excuse?
  13. Tatum Bell Playing?

    Tatum is playing guys.. Thanks alot
  14. Jets hpmers...hows the weather?

    I live 10 minutes away from the stadium and weather is chilly and cloudy. Snow is expected tonight so no worries with precipitation during the game.
  15. Pam Oliver

    Oh she can use those lips on me anyday