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  1. Gotta play 2 QBs

    I would take Peyton Manning vs Cleveland and Carson Palmer vs Chi I don't think Big Ben will do much against his own D on Sunday. I'm just playin. I know you meant vs Pats but I still like Palmer better this week.
  2. LJ or Dillon?

  3. Alexander Parker (long shot this week but what the heck) LT
  4. need help with this

    Good info here!
  5. Do it and do it fast. That's a no brainer IMO. You better hope he didn't change his mind during the time you took to post this.
  6. Quick Help Needed

    IMO I would say Bettis (that's not a homer pick either) ... You never know what Shanny will do. You do know that Bettis will get goal line carries when healthy. I think Bettis' goal line carries will decrease some since parker can take it to the end zone from farther out but when he doesn't Bettis will get the clean up duties.
  7. trade advice

    I really liked K Jones going into this season. I bought into the hype that Detroit's O would be drastically improved. It may get better for them as the season goes but who knows how that would turn out. At first when I read it I thought No. But I reconsidered and will answer based on the following: Redraft = no (based solely on the fact that detroit's line isnt blocking anyone) Keeper = yes (he will get you by this year and will help a lot in the future years)
  8. secret pick up

    I say Branch. The Pats do spread the ball around but Branch seems to be Brady's go to guy. Also Branch is a good match up against theSteelers. He seems to perform pretty well against the black and gold.
  9. Pick up Housh?

    I agree with the majority of the others. I say pick up TJ Houshmanwhateverhislastnameis. Palmer is playing well and I feel Housh will be more consistant than S. Moss. S Moss will have big weeks from time to time but with the Skins O it will be very hard to predict what weeks to plug him in.
  10. I think your analysis could end up being very accurate. I think that Bettis will still get the goal line carries when healthy. He still has the ability to push defenders back a couple of yards. I do agree with you in that with Parker in the line up there will be fewer goal line attempts for Bettis than there were one year ago for all the reasons you stated above. Good Post as usual msaint. Oh yeah, I haven't talked any trash on the Pats. The second I start to talk trash the Steelers wil be jinxed. That's usually what happens if I do. The last time I got caught up in that was the AFC Championship game last year. So I will just keep my mout shut when it comes to talking about the Pats.
  11. what do you need on MNF?

    My matchups are pretty much over so all I need is for Madden and Theismann to get lost on the way to the stadiums so I don't have to listen to them.
  12. W.Parker

    Good info here. If nothing else the post Bettis and Staley era is looking pretty solid when that time comes.
  13. Rams Running Backs

    I hope I don't need to find out this season as I have Jackson. But to answer your question, I think they would go RBBC with Faulk and Harirs IMO.
  14. Week 2 Bonehead moves.

    I had Stephen Davis on the bench as well.
  15. My FF nightmare week 2

    I was actually just looking up his stats to see what he did for me and that caught my eye as well. Atleast he scored 2 times today.