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  1. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    Tough call. But if you're an eternal optimist then go with Caddy this week vs. a suspect GB defense. Sometimes you just have to ride the hot hand, and I could see Caddy breaking the century barrier again this week with a score thrown in. Rudi may have a tougher go of it this week, especially on the road at CHI where their defense is looking pretty good. I could see Rudi held to under a hundred yards (70-80) and possibly a score if CIN gets near the goal line.
  2. Based on Harrington's abysmal start, I'm not sure if I even want to have him riding pine as my #2 QB behind Hasselback when SEA bye comes. The two WW QB's I'm kinda flirting with picking up are Dilfer or Bledsoe. Is it too soon to give up on old Joey, or is he a lost cause now and forever.... : Drop Harrington for: Dilfer Bledsoe
  3. Cory Dillon for Randy Moss?

    I would make that trade in a second. Any chance you can get one of THE two top flight WR's in the game for fantasy stats (Moss or Owens) I think the way they are both playing right now you'd be foolish not to pull the trigger on that. I have Dillon as one of my starting RB's too and if the Moss owner offered me that I'd jump on it. Good luck.
  4. Trade Advice

    No way you do this trade. HOU offense is going south in a hurry, and Heap is an injury waiting to happen. Gonzo is a bonafide STUD TE and will produce, and Ward is the #1 WR option in PIT even though he's probably more of a #2 WR on most fantasy teams.
  5. Bruce or Stokley

    Is this a toss up WR start? Both are on offenses that have heavy competition for the ball, but Manning seems to look to Stokley a lot. Last week Bruce did score, but the new up and comers Curtis and McDonald in STL seemed to be eyed by Bulger more... I.Bruce or B.Stokley
  6. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Hi Hugh, Torn on starting DD again this week vs. a tough PIT defense with the way the HOU offense looked last week. Is DD still a better option than Dunn? Dillon Then DD or Dunn? Do get pts per rec so DD should hopefully be better, but Dunn looked pretty good running the ball on MNF.
  7. WDIS - Dunn or DD

    Fellow huddlers, I usually abide by the ASYS rule, but with DD looking unimpressive in week#1 (albeit against a very good BUF DEF) and having to face another good PIT DEF this week, would it make sense to swap out DD and put in Warrick Dunn alongside Dillon in my starting RB rotation? Dunn looked awfully good vs. PHI on MNF...or should I hang with DD despite the tough schedule. :
  8. Drop M. Moore for B. Jacobs?

    Tend to agree with the other posts. The way you might want to look at it Swashbucklers is that Jacobs has huge upside IF Tiki ever gets nicked up. And Tiki is used heavily in NYG offense, so the potential is there for him to go down with injury at some point. The MIN RB situation is ugly. I have Bennett and have no intention of probably ever starting him due to the jumbled mess it is there. With Moe Williams, Moore and Bennett all vulturing touches from each other, at least with BJ you only have Tiki in front of you and there is potential each week to see some playing time. Just another way to think about it....
  9. D Davis for Lamont Jordan?

    One game does not a failure make. Sure DD had a sub-par game, but if you look at it he only got 14 rushing attempts and he usually gets around 20 or so. Plus, he was up against a really good BUF defense so I wasn't expecting a whole lot from him anyways this week. Was hoping he'd catch a few more balls though since I get pts per rec Jordan will produce and he looks good so far early season. But there is WAY too much competition for the ball in OAK and Randy has to be kept happy
  10. undecisive of who to Start at third WR

    Same. Go with in this order: S.Smith Bruce Williams Curtis Johnston Very nice having to pick from Smith or Bruce or Williams as your #3. They'd be solid #2's in my league
  11. Fellow huddlers, Not seen it official (any Texans homers out there?) on the depth chart, but Morency looked pretty good in the preseason and figure eventually he'll be upgraded to the #2 RB in HOU behind DD. I currently picked up Morency in the last round of my draft as insurance in case (gulp) DD gets nicked up and misses some games. However, S.Davis is available on the WW and the Foster owner doesn't have him backed up yet so thinking of grabbing S.Davis and if he gets some good playing time then look to trade him for an upgrade in my WR's to the Foster owner....too soon to tell maybe in either of these cases, but just trying to see who would be better (Morency or S.Davis) to keep longer term.
  12. Houshamazadah or K. Curtis

    Gotta go with the Houshmanzadeh...he is the bonafide #2 in CIN. I like Curtis, but too many options for Bulger to throw to behind Holt, Bruce, McDonald, Faulk/ get the picture. TJ should get some looks as the attention gets drawn to CJ on the other side
  13. WDIS - Portis or R. Johnson

    Rudi is probably the 'safer' play and should produce. Portis is still a question mark to me, until he proves that he can run wild behind the so-called revamped WAS offensive line, I'd probably say Rudi by a hair. Portis could rush for 70yds or bust out for 150+, but it's whether you want to go high-risk high-reward the first week or not. I definitely see Rudi getting into the EZ at least once, maybe twice if that sways your opinion at all. Good luck
  14. Stephen Davis

    Good feedback admtahoe. I think that's a good strategy, I don't need him but he could be very good trade bait for the WR help I need. That's a big IF Davis actually sees action and performs well...
  15. Stephen Davis

    Fellow huddlers, Foster is obviously the starter RB in CAR, but is S.Davis worth picking up as his backup if he's available on WW? We all know that Deshaun at some point will probably go down with injury, and with Shelton out also, is Goings the backup to take or would be better to pick up Davis as a possible spot filler....I guess the advice would be to stay away from CAR running game (a-la MIN backfield) due to the mess it could become, but just looking to see if Davis has any value at this point.