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  1. Greatest QB of all-time

    OK, but how many of those losses are because they have to play the patriots every year? They are a combines 22-74 against NE in that span. The Jets are actually 97-84 against the rest of the league in that span. But they just can't beat the Pats. It's no more or less than the bottom three of any other division, that's my point. What's Jax, Hou and Tenn records over the same time?
  2. Greatest QB of all-time

    Not cooking any numbers, just facts. But, like I said, you don't want facts, you just want to create your own story. It's a nice fairy tail, it really is. You should sell it to Disney.
  3. Greatest QB of all-time

    The division is not any weaker than any other. Here's proof. If you're interested in facts instead of doing anything you can to continue your false narrative. Going back the last 8 years, because that's all I really have the time to do. I looked at the combined records of the bottom 3 teams in every division in the AFC. Since it's those teams the Pats play, I took NE's records out, along with the first place team in the other three, to see how difficult the road to a first round bye really is. Here are the combined records: AFC East 172-212 AFC North 172-210-2 AFC South 142-242 AFC West 167-217 What you're getting blinded by is that no other team can step up to defeat them and win the division. But those teams have often won 8-10 games and have been good teams.
  4. Colts cheating?

    This. His premise as to why nobody talked about the Colts 'cheating' is wrong. Spygate was not about recording, it was about the location of the recording. That's my point.
  5. Greatest QB of all-time

    But they don't gain an advantage by beating up on a weak division. That's inaccurate. I just showed you. Winning percentage difference in and out is negligible. Unless you think the rest of the NFL is traditionally bad too?
  6. Greatest QB of all-time

    innacurate. Brady's career win % reg season: 77.2% in division win %; 78.9 out of division win %: 76.2 4 more wins out of division over the entire course of his career, and it would be identical.
  7. Colts cheating?

    Tomlinson doesn't know what he's talking about. Taping signals and recording them was legal at the time. It was supposed to be done from a certain location with a roof (ie, upper level where the all 22's are filmed from). NE did it from the sidelines. That was the rule they broke. It wasn't that they were taping, it was where they were taping from.
  8. Monday night, what you need for playoffs?

    In a standard league, have TY Hilton tonight. Need 7 for the win. If I score 7-12 points, I'm the 3 seed. If I score 12+, I'm the #2 seed. If I lose, I'm the 5 seed.
  9. Edelman to play QB this Thursday night? least as back-up.

    Report saying Brissett starts and JimmyG is going to be active and dress as the back up.
  10. Pats trade C Jones to Cards

  11. Very important tied breaker question for a Commissioner

    Is this a custom league on ESPN? Because that's not ESPN standard tie breakers.
  12. AP worth the hold for next year?

    Schefter reporting he admitted to urine sample taker that he had 'smoked a little Josh Gordon' before the test. LOL. Prosecutor is trying to have him arrested again. What a dumbass!
  13. Josh Gordon might play this weekend? Edit: After week 10

    Not to mention a tattoo of pot leaves on his back
  14. Goodell, Gordon, Welker, and Rice

    Gordon's suspension was in 2013 not 2014, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was left alone. Schefter is saying they will review each 2014 suspension individually. No word on if that's the same for 2013 suspensions.
  15. Pats trade Mankins to Bucs for Tim Wright.

    Not worried about Gronk. They literally have been playing OT's at TE this pre-season. They had 0 healthy TEs, and even when healthy, they only had one pass catching TE. Hoo-man is an extra OL and can't catch anything. This should allow Pats to continue using 2 TE sets. Mankins is 32, is a run blocking beast, but struggled in pass protection last year. I think I heard he allowed 12 or 13 sacks last year, which is a lot for a Guard. This is BB selling high on a guy he probably views as being on the downside, if even just slightly. Cleared a lot of cap space to perhaps extend guys like McCourty, Gostkowski, Connoly, Solder, Slater, and Vereen, all could be FA at end of the year. Not to mention Revis.