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  1. In a 14 man ppr had several close loses and was 2 games out of the playoffs with 2 games left and low on points. Won both games and scored a boat load of points to sneak into the last playoff spot (by 10 points). One the last two playoffs games! Championship game baby! Thanks to Cam, S Smith, T Rich, D Bryant, TY Hilton, and others for blowing up when I needed ya!
  2. T. Rich

    I think he will do well! He is a beast in the redzone and they seem to get down there often not mention Clevelands Defense creates opportunities.
  3. Who do I sit? For Wilson

    Cruz like Marshall and Jackson matchups!

    Id go Wilson here!
  5. What to do about Dez Bryant?

    Id Go Gordon! Bryant could have more upside but could also goose egg ya too!
  6. Rice, Wayne, Roddy

    Rice is a no brainer and Wayne is healthy!
  7. Im in a 14 man league so options are limited butIm gonna gamble on Bryant! I hate to risk a big fat 0 but I have a feeling Dez is gonna play through it and get 80 and a td! James looked good and should be a shootout with the Pats but his upside is low! THoughts?
  8. Cam the man

    matters not to me call him whatever ya want!
  9. Cam the man

    Who else endured Cam's downs and are now reaping the rewards! You da man cam!
  10. TE Help Pettigrew or Tamme PPR

    Glad I followed gut and benched Tamme! Pettigrew without Broyles should do ok in ppr with maybe a td.
  11. I was going with Pettigrew but now it looks like Stokley will be out and Oaklands D is friendly to TE. WDIS?
  12. Sproles?

    Just heard he may be deactivated
  13. Just heard sproles MAY be deactivated!