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  1. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    I'm a Card homer. I would love M Bennett here as a RB... for a 7th rd pick that is. With our line right now he would be out for the year after playing one game.
  2. Trade help

    Has the Moss owner declined it yet?
  3. Bye week filler time...Dayne, Perry or

    I am in the same dilema with D Davis on a bye. LT my first back but have to choose between Dayne, Perry or Foster. Normal 20 yrds per point, 6 pt TD. I'm leaning towards Perry.
  4. Trade S.Smith for Parker

    I would not do it. Parker in a couple of weeks will be sharing carries. Your RBs are fine, Davis will have a tough one this week but will better after the bye.
  5. Fred Taylor for Darrell Jackson?

    I agree, make the trade.

    Our 15 team league pretty similar. A couple of weeks before the draft. We keep 3, all have to be a different position. Culp, LT and C Johnson are mine.
  7. what's a Commissioner to Do?

    I never believe in vetoes. Hell, trading is as much fun as the draft. No collusion here.
  8. I usually don't ask for advice...

    Thanks everybody for your replies, very much appreciated.
  9. Need to trade away a stud RB...

    No! No! No! Keep your RB's unless you get Moss or Owens. You will be fine at receiver with what you have already. Remember a RB can get hurt to and if you trade one of theses studs, could get thin at position.
  10. Parker, Alexander, Ahman Green?

    I always believe never bench your stud, so go with Alex and Parker.
  11. I usually don't ask for advice...

    I guess I will listen to the advice and do the trade.
  12. Culpepper Trade

    It's only the first week and historically he has had his worst games against the Bucs. Ride him out he will be fine.
  13. Plaxico or Roy Williams? Will reply to all

    Plax, plus he is at home.
  14. Normally I pull the trigger on this, but I am in a 15 team 3 man keeper league. Right now my keepers are LT, Culpepper and C Johnson. Reggie Wayne is my # 2 receiver. The point I'm trying to make is at the end of the year I dump DD back into the draft and keep R Wayne. Please help, thanks in advance. BTW rest of my RB are duds.