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  1. Trying to figure where you are. Trying to get TOCOL draft going and you haven't responded to any communication


  2. bad for Blues and for NHL

    Leave it to Az to be checking out the size of guy's feet... eek! eek! eek!
  3. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    I never made that claim, and I agree that Nebraska was not the 2nd best team in the country. I'm a huge BUFFs fan, but I have to admit that Oregon was most deserving of a shot at Miami that day. Which completely detracts & distracts from my question. Please put forth an argument as to why Miami wasn't the best team in the country last year & deserving of the national championship, and then suggest another team that should have been the national champions. If you are going to put forth the argument that Miami wasn't the best team and won simply because of popularity, then I'm sure that you must have an alternative team in mind that you feel was a better team than Miami.
  4. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    MW, who are you talking about??? A little bit of reference would be extremely helpful, or are you talking in vague hypotheticals? Although I am a strong proponent of having to play to win the NC, there are exceptions, even in a tournament. EX - NC State beats Houston's Phi Slamma Jamma team in the 1983 BB tournament. Only a fool would think that NC State was a better team than Houston was, given the talent that was on the court and the capabilities of both coaches. But the upset happened that day. That didn't make NC State the best team in the country, but it did make them the National Champions. I have yet to hear a rational argument as to why Miami was not the best college FB team in the country last year. They went undefeated, played a reasonably decent schedule to where they could have lost had they been the equal or close to that of one of the better teams on the schedule, then they backed it up by whipping Nebraska in their bowl game. What more do they need to do to convince you that they were the best college FB team in the country - and consequently very deserving of the title of national champions?
  5. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    respect in the polls = popularityPlease provide proof for your statement. The polls certainly aren't perfect, IMO, but they can be a pretty good indicator of who the top 25 or so teams in the country are. IMO, the AP poll that is taken of sportswriters is the most suspect because of the lack of qualifications of the participants, but the ESPN poll of coaches (used to be UPI) is fairly solid. Sure, there may be some decrepancies & some politics involved, but you have to take the polls with a grain of salt. KSU2 made a great example of OU that came from nowhere in the polls to national champs in 2000 - because they climbed in the polls by their play.
  6. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Okay, we can all bemoan the point that college FB doesn't have a national championship tournament. In fact, I'll put up a great fight on several fronts to have one. However, that isn't the system we have in place right now - so you are simply indulging in fantasy. I put it to you again. I feel that Miami was clearly the best team in college football last year, whether they were popular or not. Can you offer up a team that was better than them? If not, then I would say that Miami deserved to be crowned NCs.
  7. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Christ, name the team you think was best & I'll find their schedule.
  8. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Is this the team that you think should have been national champs? OREGON DUCKS Date Opponent Result 1-Sep No. 23 Wisconsin W 31-28 8-Sep Utah W 24-10 22-Sep USC W 24-22 29-Sep at Utah State W 38-21 6-Oct at Arizona W 63-28 13-Oct at California W 48-7 20-Oct Stanford L 49-42 27-Oct at No. 15 Washington State W 24-17 3-Nov Arizona State W 42-24 10-Nov at No. 16 UCLA W 21-20 1-Dec Oregon State W 17-14 1-Jan vs No. 3 Colorado W 38-16 Note the 1 loss, the fewer ranked teams on the schedule, and that they had a rougher time with ranked teams than Mimai did. Did you have another team in mind that should have been national champs? & who cares where they were ranked when Miami played them? What bearing does that have? Are you saying that midseason ranking is more important than end of the season ranking, when people can evaluate a team based on its entire season? Tell us, who deserved to be national champs if it wasn't Miami?
  9. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Date Opponent Result 1-Sep at Penn State W 33-7 8-Sep Rutgers W 61-0 27-Sep at Pittsburgh W 43-21 6-Oct Troy State W 38-7 13-Oct at No. 13 Florida State W 49-27 25-Oct West Virginia W 45-3 3-Nov Temple W 38-0 10-Nov at Boston College W 18-7 17-Nov No. 13 Syracuse W 59-0 24-Nov No. 12 Washington W 65-7 1-Dec at No. 13 Virginia Tech W 26-24 3-Jan vs No. 4 Nebraska W 37-14 If you'll notice, Miami played 5 ranked teams, and with the exception of the close game at VT, they kicked all of their asses badly. What else did they have to prove? I agree that Nebraska shouldn't have been there against them for the national championship, but that doesn't diminish what Miami accomplished last season.
  10. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    Are you saying that Miami wasn't the best team in the country last year? I would disagree. They proved themselves.
  11. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    And as far as that goes, a tournament to figure out who is the national champ would go a very long ways in improving non-con games also. Then teams would know that they could lose 3 games & still make the tournament, meaning that some programs would schedule some beauts for September in order to harden themselves for December. I wouldn't expect coaches like Bobby Bowden, etc to change, but some would, and would get rewarded for it.
  12. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    LOL yourself. Last time I noticed, teams still had to win their games to have a chance to play in the big game. 2 loses means you are out of contention, regardless of how popular your team is. Or do you disagree? Perhaps a closet BYU fan? As far as MoV being taken out, I heartily approve. I'm tired of watching teams like Nebraska schedule non-con cupcakes and then pounding them 73-0 to get an edge in the standings. I would like to see Strength of Schedule weighted higher. Teams that have the sack to play tough programs in order to strengthen their team (and thus take a much higher risk of a loss) should be rewarded. It sure works in college basketball, and you see some fabulous games in the beginning of the year because of it. I'd rather see a team that has 2-3 losses playing for the national championship if they had the guts to schedule 2 or 3 top 25 programs in their non-con schedule rather than seeing teams with pretty W-L records that play 1-2 really tough games all year (read ACC & Big East schools, and to some extent Big 12 schools, though that is lessening as the conference gets tougher).
  13. Congrats to the Wings

    We flat out sucked in Game 7 - but we were consistent - we sucked equally in every aspect of the game. The better team won & played like champs. Good luck to the Dead Things in the Finals. (PS - if you can't win it all in 5 or less, you guys will really disappoint me big time).
  14. Avs Joke

    I don't get it. Then why did he lift the Wings' & Blues' cap?