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  1. can't log in

    not able to log into the main site. am i paid up? the site emailed me my username and password, but when i try it, it says invalid username.
  2. RIP Aqua. You will be missed.

  3. Defense Q...wait, don't scroll down!

    i have warner and palmer and in my totally objective opinion, i'd start palmer. ok, i'm lying - i'm not objective. but i am starting palmer over warner and my desire to win at ff supercedes my homerability ... i think. tony
  4. Driver for Green

    would start brooks this week to see if cpep turns it around. he's got to put up before i would let him sink my team for a 3rd week in a row. tony
  5. Driver for Green

    with cpep and brooks, i see no reason to trade a #1 WR for Green. with KC running the ball so much, Green's passing numbers are not all that distinctive vs. other QBs. tony
  6. Here's one for you..

    palmer. all about palmer. tony
  7. Taylor vs. Davis

    i'll pile on another davis vote ... seems to be a trend. tony
  8. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    go wi' palmer. the cincy offense is too dominant right now to sit him. before we get all worked up over this chicago d, remember - they've had washington and detroit ... and washington even beat them. palmer. tony
  9. Defense Q...wait, don't scroll down!

    big mistake! cincy will rule .... i'll be back. tony
  10. Ernie Conwell?

    has conwell been cleared to play this week? from last week ... Ernie Conwell - TE, New Orleans Saints 09/17/05 Ernie Conwell remains very questionable to play against the Giants this week after suffering a concussion, sprained wrist and a dislocated jaw last week in Carolina. Huddle Up: The Saints loss Boo Williams to a torn ACL this summer but Conwell had stepped up with six catches for 71 yards last week. Looks like he'll likely miss this week. tony
  11. Miserable RB situtaion

    tough call. it's all about jacobs getting into the end zone and there's no way to predict that. the safer choice just to get some points is henry who will get more carries. the riskier, "go for it" approach is jacobs while you hope for 1 or even 2 TDs. if the rest of your lineup is strong, jacobs is a good gamble. if you are scrapping for points, i'd go with henry. tony
  12. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    agreed. would not give up cj or moss for dillon right now. i have dillon and have been watching him and something just doesn't seem right. he just can't seem to get to the outside and the OL is not opening up holes up the middle. it's not going to get any easier against pittsburgh this weekend. i'm hoping that bill the coaching god figures out why they can't run the ball and makes some changes for this weekend. until i see that happening, i wouldn't go for dillon. with either moss or cj for trade bait, you should be able to get any player you want. don't be in a rush. tony
  13. Thinking outside the box

    since whoever you grab is going to be on your bench, out of the names you listed i would take benson. stash him because if he becomes the man in chicago his value will skyrocket. the other folks on the list (or similar players) will probably still be out there from week to week ... tony.
  14. "Advice" and "Advise"

    hey furley, thanks for the advise. tony