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  1. parker, alexander, ahman green

    the thing that makes green so intriguing is he is facing the browns, who are trying out their new 3-4 in which they dont have the personnel to pull off.. if anything they are worse than last year at stopping the run. im just scared green is going to go off.. walker or no walker. parker on the other hand has similiar big game potential. he busts off a couple big gains and hes got 100 yds in the blink of an eye. i still dont know.
  2. who should i start? standard scoring, no points for receptions or bonuses. its basically between green and parker.. green faces a horrible browns d while parker has a chance to light it up again against an average texans d.
  3. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    nice.. but if the colts never learn to play outside, they are never going to win a super bowl in the manning era. they are simply horrible in december and january when outside.. god forbid if it snows a little too.
  4. Offered Priest for Willie Parker

    staley will take some of parker's yardage carries.. the bus will only take his tds.
  5. i need to start two. those are the 3 im deciding on. alexander faces a tough atlanta d, while green gets a cakewalk game vs the browns horrible run d. parker of course could very well light it up again against an average houston d. what to do? (standard scoring, no pts for receptions)
  6. Offered Priest for Willie Parker

    priest will get far more tds then willie.. the bus will still steal those goal line carries once he is healthy.. willie could very well be the next holmes. i say trade though. id try to move priest though and see what you can get for a big name like him.. might wanna wait til he out gains johnson and his value rises.
  7. My take on parker

    the one reason the steelers may do this is concern with durability. they have no idea right now whether or not parker can last a whole season. he hasnt seen much action in his entire college and pro career to judge this. so he could either have great durability because he never took hits all season long.. or he could break from all the pounding he will take each week. something his body may not be used to. i dont know.. im not him, just speculation. last year the steelers found out the hard way with staley. the steelers ran the ball so much, staley was hurt by midseason. of course staley is injury prone, but nevertheless.. the steelers run the ball way too much for there not to be other backs getting carries. if they can keep parker, staley, and bettis all fresh by the stretch run and playoffs, without costing them wins... then they have succeeded and will be in better shape then last year come playoff time. he is a thrill to watch and i hope to see a lot of him.. around 20-22 carries would be good a game imo.. nothing crazy.
  8. My take on parker

    your one of the sophomore slump pimps huh? well.. we'll just have to see then wont we? also please dont forget about that defense.. it is actually improved from last year. adding a pro bowl NT and added better youth and depth to the secondary. not to mention troy polamalu and chris hope are only getting better at safety. anyways, back to ben.. i have to disagree with you there. not much else i can say other then he will prove it on the field. btw, with staley healthy again, it will be mighty hard for parker to get the needed carries to lead the league in rushing. staley thrives in this system when healthy.
  9. My take on parker

    being a steelers fan, i just have to comment on the guy.. a lot of people are saying stuff about him, but have only seen some highlights and a preseason game or two.. he gives the steelers something entirely different in their offense... something the steelers have never seen. is he over hyped for fantasy football? maybe.. over hyped for real life football? not at all. chances are him and duce are going to nearly split carries, with the bus getting goal line carries again.. if parker starts out very hot in some games, i see him taking the majority of the carries.. vise versa with staley. either way they arent going to score much because of bettis.. however parker is a major threat to break one off and simply blow by everyone.. he is capable of doing that, has already done it, and will continue to do so. saying he is over hyped is bullsh*t IMO, especially with that oline he has. ive seen him play everytime he has gotten on the field, including preseason last year as well as this year.. against buffalo and tennessee. i have noticed he has improved a ton since last year. last year he looked like a rookie. he would start and stop in the backfield, trying to run sideline to sideline and create something that just wasnt there. he only used his speed and was purely set on outrunning guys instead of juking and running them over. this season his legs are always moving and he is always going forward, while creating what is there for him. he is very good at getting to open holes before they close up. one factor is his great speed to get there quickly and another is his vision. i am quite surprised at how well he can survey the field being only his 2nd year (1st actually playing.) he has shown some signs of what great rbs possess and that is they can create something out of nothing. his acceleration, elusiveness and field vision allow him to do this. he is simply a very physically gifted person. i believe in college he was named as the weight lifter of the year or whatever they call it. the guy is not only fast, but shows some great strength for his size as well. put those two together and he is something special. if the steelers really want to use him to his full potential, they need to run some screen plays. watching the eagles and westbrook execute them earlier tonight makes me hope the steelers would incorporate this into their gameplan. they didnt last year with staley who is another great receiving threat. to be fair, staley got hurt rather early last season and never fully recovered. also, the steelers limited ben to only 60% of the playbook. the steelers have the blockers to make for some great screens. their oline is superb and faneca is great at running to the outside and blocking. not only that, they have dan kreider who is one of the top blocking fullbacks in football.. as well as good blocking tight ends and hines ward who can block like no other wr. with parker's speed, he can turn up field and get some monster gains with this play. he had one against tennessee and went for 40+ yds, but that was the only chance the steelers gave him. from what ive seen so far, he needs to work on blocking and pass catching. i havent really noticed either of being a major flaw, but i guess those are what he could work on most. other then that he is a physically gifted freak at running back. i like his chances in the steelers running game.. he wont be a tomlinson in fantasy football or close to it, but will add a whole new dimension to the steelers' offense. something that could help propel them to the super bowl
  10. What happened to Vikes passing game?

    its only the first game man.. i too have the same expectations with him.. im hoping he breaks out.
  11. Just got back from Pittsburgh

    the browns got spanked too
  12. parker and green

    with the steelers oline.. theres no reason why he cant break off a 40 yd run or two a game and be productive throughout. if you watch the steelers as much as i do, you will see that there are often huge holes to bust through. bettis is too slow to get to them before they close at times.. and when he does get through he can only go 20 yds max before someone catches him. duce is better and has some breakaway capabilities.. parker was looking very good this preseason at finding the holes and shooting through them faster then anyone i have seen. another dimension parker brings to the oline is his ability to turn the corner and run sideline to sideline.. he is fast enough to get there, again something you dont really see from duce or bettis. if he can get past the corner, it could be a foot race which he will win.
  13. This Is A Joke...

    i ended up falling a sleep with it on and missed the entire 1st half of the game!
  14. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    haynes and parker will not split carries.. haynes is only good for 3rd downs when he can catch teams by surprise on draw plays.. hes just not good. cant run over guys or out-run them either. parker will get the carries.. who knows how many, but it certainly wont be split.
  15. McMichael Or Wiggins?

    if he gets suspended at least i have franks.. favre should throw to him more with the weakened oline when the pocket collapses.