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  1. Rackers vs Reed

    I thought TYnes was available but he is not
  2. Rackers vs Reed

    I know I know it's akicker but they actually score alot of points in my league and I have Akers and I don't trust his hammy Which kicker is better this week Reed vs NE Rackers vs Sea THanks
  3. Which 2 WR's?

    I like Boldin and Housh
  4. Trade Advice

    Offensive just played 2 good defensive teams and although last week does concern me the colts seem to have a much easier schedule up to their bye. Go with POrtis and Wayne
  5. WDIS Dillion or S Davis

    Good Point. I'll stick with Dillion
  6. WDIS Dillion or S Davis

    I fugured DIllion but does it concern anyone that the PATS have not been able to run the ball and Dillion has looked old and slow???
  7. Who should I start in a TD league. C Dillion vs Pitt or S Davis vs Miami Thanks for the help
  8. J Lewis or K Jones

    That's where I was leaning. I jst can't figure out why Lewis looks so bad
  9. J Lewis or K Jones

    Bump Cmon guys Little Help
  10. Both these guys got cut in my 8 man auction league. They wanted to free up money Anyway which of these 2 would you pick up Lewis or Jones. I already have Alexander and C Dillion so I would be playing match ups since Dillion has a tough schedule. Basic TD league Thanks
  11. Burleson

    He was cut cut in my auction league. I will probably pick him up
  12. Which WR to drop?

    I like Stallworth. Brooks seems to be looking his way more often. I would drop colbert.
  13. 0-2 Need WR Help

    I was leaning toward Ward. Any other opinions
  14. 0-2 Need WR Help

    bump little help[