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  1. Defense Bye Week Replacement

    Pick up the Bears D. I don't see Cincy putting up a lot of points against them this week and Palmer still throws at least one int every game.
  2. Is T Bell injured?

    Dayne WAS the 4th qtr rb for denver. 8 carries, 44 yards. 7 carries in the 4th
  3. Arrington inactive

    mort on espn just said arrington is a game time decision but shipp will get the majority of carries.
  4. WDIS

    I'd go w/Tiki. One thing that bothers me about Parker is if he has a slow starts, fumbles, etc., Pitt could put in Hayes. Tiki will always get 20 touches + w/the giants.
  5. Arrington inactive

    someone in my league is starting jj over dom davis as of now. hopefully he doesn't see this news.
  6. Indy or Dallas Defense?

  7. Any J-E-T-S fans?

    i don't think brown will have a big game and i also don't think that the jets D is that good. that said, i think they'll be extremely hyped up today to avenge last week's abomination.
  8. Larry Johnson?

    i wouldn't do that. you're giving up potentially the best player in fantasy football this season for a very iffy jj and lelie. it may seem like a good move now, but IF priest gets hurt in week 9 and lj takes over, you'll kick yourself.
  9. Fox game choice

    instead of minn v. cinc. i realize that nyc is close to philly, but that game has 0 appeal to me other than that i have TO on one of my teams. i also realize that there is a sub-plot to the game that most likely no one outside of may san fran cares about. still, isn't minn/cinc a better game on paper at least? i just felt the need to vent since it's rare that we get 2 games on tv at the same time here. looks like yanks/blue jays gets the nod in my house at 1.
  10. Favre or Palmer

    If you can't start Favre this week then you probably can't play him all season IMO. Minn D is much more difficult to predict then Cle which most people agree is bad at least at this point in the season. although i'm not high on favre, i'd start him this week
  11. D. Bennett or K. Curtis

    right now i've got curtis starting.
  12. Baltimore Homers....Is Jamal 100%?

    From what I've read he's still injured but has the great matchup against Tenn.
  13. Curtis has better matchup but Bennett is No. 1 WR.
  14. Shockey

    just read that shockey practiced on saturday and will play on monday. link is on
  15. My old Sony 30" just bit the big one

    One of my friends suffered the burn in pretty quickly w/in 6 months i think. they live in manhattan and for those of you familiar w/manhattan cable, they kept NY1 on for business reasons and the logo burned in the screen. and to top it off, they bought the waranty for like $1000 and that is not covered. that's enough to keep me from going plasma