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  1. 2009 Huddle Awards

    Will Update soon *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award (for best Fantasy Advice forum poster) - ts Huddle Heisman (for best College forum poster) - TOS IDP Intellect (Individual Defensive Player forum guru) - Keggerz Tailgate Award (for best Tailgate poster) - Whomper Homer Hero (for best homer info) - Menudo Culinary Connoisseur (Food & Beverage forum award) - Bier Useless Without Pics (Photography forum award) - Skybox Award - Big John *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game - Smackbowl Best Huddle Article/Weekly Feature - Best Post/Thread - Best Link - Best Forum Feature - *Individual Awards* Best Username - Best Sigline - Best Avatar(s) - Best Fisherman - H8 Funniest Huddler - Tim C Most Respected Huddler - RocknRobn26 Most Annoying Huddler - Henry Muto Huddler you most like to read - Whomper Who you'd most want to have a beer with - Anyone Who you'd most want to talk football with - tie: DMD and 2v Newbie of the Year - Newbie Tool of the Year - Most Valuable Huddler MVH - Big John
  2. Capt Phil Harris dies

    Well, they're going to air his last fishing trip. May even show some of the footage from the hospital during his last days. He had a massive stroke on St. Paul Island while unloading their snow crab on Jan. 30th. He died in the hospital on Feb. 9th I believe. Such a shame. I watch that show every season and I really liked that guy. A man's man who was tough as nails. RIP Captain Phil. Prayers go out to his family. Link to story didn't work
  3. Prayers/Good Vibes requested

    Hang in there, Max! Keep telling your dad that all the Huddlers are still here fighting with prayers and good vibes.
  4. I'm not sure the proper title to post here

    Ah, but what if one of the civilian bystanders jumped in to try and save the girl and the thugs then started kicking the good samaritan in the head which could have easily happened? Then we have a problem. I would have CERTAINLY jumped in to help regardless of if she knew the thugs or not. I simply can't stand by and watch things like this happen. If I end up getting shot by one of the thugs who is toting a gun, then they add either assault with a deadly weapon or even murder to their charges and end up spending the rest of their lives in jail. But the thought of one of them packing wouldn't even phase me. I simply can't stand around and watch this and anyone who does is a coward IMO. But I do understand the guards have their orders. Doesn't mean I have to like it though.Personally, I'd have said "f'k this job, I'm jumping in".
  5. The "Official" Super Bowl Game Thread

    Congrats Saints and especially the fans!!!!!!
  6. The "Official" Super Bowl Game Thread

    Would absolutely love to be there!
  7. hows everyones friday night?

    I thought it was "Lighten up, Francis."
  8. Attention Tax Gurus

    Thanks! I think. I'm even more confused now. Hell, I was told Turbo Tax will walk me through it. We'll see. You can officially retire now as Huddle Tax Guru.
  9. Attention Tax Gurus

    I refinanced this past year. Am I able to claim the closing costs on my taxes? Anything else? TIA
  10. Another real estate question

    I could see removing some to get rid of the clutter, but what if the people looking at the house have a family? Wouldn't it look better to see that a family lived in the house? But what the hell do I know.
  11. J.D. Salinger dead at 91...

    I read Catcher years ago and found it kind of cornish.
  12. I love this song

    Hard to believe Stevie Winwood was what, 16 when he co-wrote this song. I do like Chicago's version, but it's a tad too long where this one is a tad too short. But I agree with most. The original is the best.
  13. "Blinded By The Light" by Manfred Man's Earth Band was originally done by Springsteen
  14. 24 Season / Day 8

    Who the f'k is Starbuck?