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  1. Week 8 Milk Carton

    TY Hilton?
  2. WDIS... QB

    QB's get 1 pt per 20 yards passing. 3 - 6 points per TD based on length of score. I think both of my QB's (Palmer and Leftwich) have pretty good matchups. Palmer is my regular starter, but for some reason I'm leaning towards Leftwich. I'm starting to overanalyze things, and that's when I get into trouble. Please set me straight.
  3. WDIS: WR Help Needed

    Well, as you can see, we have confused Gremlyn some. Tough call. I've already changed my mind. I like Boldin, Ward, and Stallworth.
  4. WDIS

    I was leaning towards Clayton, Stokley, and Lelie. Houshmandzadeh (can't believe I just spelled his whole name) surprises me. Any reason why you like him more than Stokley or Clayton?
  5. WDIS: WR Help Needed

    I like Ward, Muhammed, and Stallworth. Just on matchups alone, these WR's should do well tomorrow. The Giants secondary is banged up a bit, so that's why I'd lean towards Stallworth over Boldin.
  6. WDIS

    My league has 1pt. per reception and TD catches range from 4-9 points based on length of score. WDIS: Lelie vs. SD E. Parker vs. DEN T.J. Housh vs. MIN M. Clayton vs. BUF Stokley vs. JAX Thanks for you insight in advance. I'm glad I have a bunch of backups as a WR corp.
  7. This is how crazy I am - JJ at # 4

    Sounds like a "YEE-HAW" Cowboys homer pick to me.
  8. New Huddle Feature

    The "team reports" are one of the best features I've seen on this site. This is why The Huddle is the best FF site. Thanks

    I would also rather have Antonio Bryant. I can't find Antonia on any of my cheat sheets. Does anyone know who he is?
  10. CIN vs WAS

    Why isn't Portis playing? Any Skins fans out there? I'm supposed to pick him in my draft tomorrow.
  11. I thought the same, but I'm losing faith in Washington's offense, especially their O line.
  12. My league is pretty standard scoring: 6 pts for TD's run, pass, or catch. 1pt per reception. 1 pt for 10 yards receiving or rushing. 1 pt 25 yds. passing. I'm just entering this league and have inherited a pretty bad team. The 4 keepers are Fred Taylor, Kevin Jones, Darryl Jackson, and Jerry Porter. Not too good, but I can work with it. I have the 1st pick in the 1-2 rounds and then it snakes (so I'll have the last pick in round 3. There are 10 teams with each team keeping four players. Should I take Rudi Johnson or Portis? I was leaning towards Portis and trying to get Arrington in rd.2. Any advice??
  13. Help T.O. Get His Money !

    Only level 2 for me. I'm sorry I couldn't help T.O. earn his money.
  14. Explain Your Login Name!

    My name comes from people not knowing who I am.
  15. World's Best Fantasy Team Names..

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take them all into consideration. Any more though? This is fun.