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  1. Andrew Luck

    Has anyone heard any information on his possible return? Any Indy locals have insight on him? Just haven't heard much about his status in quite some time. Thanks
  2. Keeper Help: Pick One

  3. Trade help

    You blew it!
  4. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    I hope its with the Eagles!
  5. I'll take the Eagles
  6. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    He's been doing that his whole career. Nothing new
  7. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    This one is too easy. Seattle
  8. Keeper for next year

    I'd probably go with Rodgers. He's the best at his position, while Gordon has had 1 season. Is he trustworthy?
  9. 4 man keeper PPR 6pts per TD all positions. Obviously, QB's score a ton of points, but they all do. My keeper options are LeVeon Bell, DeMarco Murray, Mike Evans, and Amari Cooper. I would love to add a stud QB in exchange for Murray. I've been offered Luck for Murray straight up. I'm leaning to do to it b/c I want to sell high on Murray. Thoughts?
  10. 2 Questions 1 Post

    Gurley and green
  11. TE help

    Brate, Rudolph, or L. Green? Ppr. I'm leaning Brate but last min doubts are creeping in
  12. beckham jr in locker room

    Return questionable
  13. Mariota or Wilson...need advice!

    Wilson has a great matchup, but Mariota has been hot