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  1. Fire Mike Tomlin

    Yes, it's easy to know all that now. So sad you don't give him credit for the times he made good decisions. It's outrageous really.
  2. Fire Mike Tomlin

    I understand feeling this way after being dominated on your home field against the vastly superior Bengal squad, but honestly, it wasn't Tomlin throwing those INTs and giving up sacks left and right. You would think someone with his track record could get a little loyalty from the fan base, but that the Steele Curtain for ya. Hang your head in shame.
  3. I need Trade Advice ASAP, HELP!

    See if you can get Jones instead.
  4. One song

    This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end
  5. I haven't seen a beating like this since....

    In Terminator 2, Schwartzenager learned to only shoot cops in the knees. Are you saying cops aren't smarter than a cyborg? Because I think you are, and that's a shame. A real shame.
  6. The Walking Dead on AMC

    +1 They lost me for a while mid-season of S1. But I DVR'd some episodes on a marathon and came back with the help of the FF button.
  7. The Walking Dead on AMC

    After getting a good look at the new Ninja lady, I'm cool with her so far. S3 starting off with a bang and the more scenes with Lauren Cohan, the better.
  8. Yeah, Whomper, you are at some of the best stuff in the series IMO. You gotta hand it to Martin, he keeps you guessing. Unfortunately, books 4 and 5 drag. I have been "reading" 5 for about 6 months now.
  9. One song

    Link An oldie but goodie.
  10. My Daughters audition in Chicago

    So cool.
  11. Domino's Pizza

    Haven't had Dominos in years.
  12. Sleep Apnea

    Snoring + tired makes it a possibility. Of course there are a number of other medical reasons one could feel tired though. If you stop turning late night tricks at the bus station, that might help.
  13. Would you be upset if your wife had coffee with a stranger?

    My wife knows exactly who was my exes are on FB and isn't threatened at all. They haven't aged so well. They really do end up looking like their mothers!