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  1. King Of The Mountain

  2. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

    I'll take Indianapolis, por favor.
  3. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    I never woulda guessed Chicago especially after the lost Rex and Benson held out. Nice one.
  4. Weekly Blitz

    I'm at 50%. Picking all road teams can't be good, but here I am. CAR CIN DAL NYG TBB
  5. Better than expected - the positive version of..

    Yeah, what about the positive side of fantasy life. Of players who could might actually continue fantasy relevance: Dilfer - I've seen both Cleveland games so far this year and I have to say the passing game ain't bad at all. Dilfer is no Peyton, but the vet has weapons to work with there. Stephen Davis - everyone was looking at Foster and that rookie we've all but forget about by now. Who knew the old guy still had it? Willie Parker - The Huddle posters' favorite sleeper 2 weeks before the season now has the starting gig on a team that's scored 60+ points in 2 games. Nobody thought he would be this good did they? If I only had the balls to start him ahead of Dillon this last week. Fitzgerald - looking nice. He and Boldin could be Holt and Bruce in the desert.
  6. Sterling really likes what he is seeing

    I found Sterling refreshingly good. But I guess that's in comparison to the usual Sunday night crap-o-rama. It was nice watching a game without being 100% annoyed at the announcers all the time.
  7. W. McGahee

    It shouldn't be any suprise. When Buffalo played tough Ds last year, McG didn't do much either.
  8. Titanic Week 7 looming for Bengals?

    There's a lot of football before that happens. Cincy plays @CHI, HOU, @JAX, @TEN Pitt plays NE, BYE, @SD, JAX You never know what happens between now and then.
  9. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    When you get beaten by the Browns at home, where do you go from there? Yikes.
  10. Does anyone know if Rudi Johnson got hurt?

    Rudi is fine. They gave the 2nd stringers some work late in the blowout.
  11. Burleson out for game

    no more info yet, but reportedly out for the rest of the game. He's standing on the sidelines, so probablly not to bad.
  12. Can Tice be fired in the middle of a game?

    4 INTs. Wow.
  13. Willie Parker is for real

    I hope so. 3rd round pick (rookie/FA draft) in my dynasty league would be my best pick in a long time.
  14. Can Tice be fired in the middle of a game?

    Another INT for Pep. Could the Bungles get a shutout?!? WHAT?!?