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  1. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    The Purple could certainly use any kind of offensive line help, and linebacking help. No idea if Arizona has anything of use in those areas...doesn't look like the OL in Arizona would offer much.
  2. Mewelde Moore

    Latest rumor from the mill...Denny Green in Arizona is inquiring about the availability of Michael Bennett. Just a rumor, and probably not worth anything. This is the last year of Bennett's contract and with his abysmal performance thus far I doubt they could get anything worth going after anyway. Just passing it along to those searching for info. Personally, I think this will be the week that Moore breaks out and becomes the #1 back, but it's just a homer's hunch.
  3. Cleveland, Miami and San Fran Fans...

    Maybe nobody. However, both players have been highly thought of at various times in their career, and I'd suggest Suggs when healthy (sparse, I know) has looked really good in a couple games. I think there are teams that could use running back depth. I'm not saying either is probable to have an impact, just asking since I saw a national report that they were looking to move them. The short list...Arizona doesn't seem to have much going on right now in the backfield. Denver is pretty up in the air, and Shanahan drafted Clarett, for crissakes. San Francisco could use some depth, especially if Gore is not picking up blocking schemes and Barlow continues to disappoint. Is Jacksonville totally jazzed about their running backs to the point they wouldn't look at a possible RB? Houston? Heck...Minnesota, for crying out loud? The Jets just saw the old man go down, too, although that looks ok for now. Not saying it's probable, was just asking for opinions from people in Cleveland that might be picking up on something.
  4. Desperate in Detroit...

    I can see it now... bok_choy --------------> Detroit Receivers
  5. If it were me, I would stick with Culpepper this week. If he does not right the ship this week, it may not happen this season. Next week brings Atlanta in Atlanta, and then the bye week. The only other option I might consider from your possibilities would be Warner against the Seahawks. I think the 'Hawks passing defense #'s are low mainly due to facing Vick (I do not think him at all worthy from a passing perspective), and Warner has done well getting the ball to Fitgerald in week one and Boldin in week two. With the troubles in the Cardinals running game, Green has said two things: One, we will have to feature the passing game until we get that fixed, and Two, we need to get the ball to Boldin more. I see the Cards/Hawks game as a good option for the passing game. But, my lean would be to Culpepper getting better this week, along with the entire Vikings team - against a tired and emotionally drained Saints team on a short week on the road for the third straight week.
  6. Desperate in Detroit...

    Jeff George can throw the ball, at least. Now, who he's throwing it to would be up for debate. I do know that during his time here in Minnesota he was a much better guy than had been reported at his other pro stops previously, so from purely a Detroit team standpoint with those big targets, maybe he could hold his own in a pinch. He certainly has the self-confidence to step in and try to do the job, if nothing else. Those are NOT two positive names for a possible division contender (see division...), however. The REALLY sad thing is, the guy they DON'T sign may end up in Minnesota by week 5, if things keep going...
  7. I am reading some things that suggest that Gore may be given the chance pretty soon with Barlow's 2.3 YPC average. Also saw this AM that the Browns are looking at dealing Suggs or Green before the trading deadline due to Draughns being the man there now (apparently). I would appreciate any thoughts on your opinion about Gore taking over full time and any rumors or info you guys see on Suggs or Green and possible trades. And I think most people would like to hear anything regarding Rickey Williams moving on, if that is a possibility. I just don't think that will happen until he gets in a game or two, but you never know. Thanks a lot.
  8. Calling all Purple Eater Fans!

    The other positive I'm gleaming based on commentary from the coaches and players is that the turnovers appear to be a problem. They plan to either cut them, or eliminate them. Hopefully it will be soon, or offensively they could have trouble scoring this season. New story just reported (for real): The Vikings are going to announce plans for a new $650 million stadium to be built in a Northern suburb of the Cities. That is good news...apparently the new owner is not yet ready to invoke the Lemon Law...
  9. Calling all Purple Eater Fans!

    According to Tice in his afternoon press conference, Burleson has a slight knee sprain. He would give no idea as to the extent or whether he would play on Sunday as yet. Same thing for Sharper, FWIW. EJ Henderson had a high ankle sprain and played on it for the rest of the game, which Tice made a point about. I think he is hinting to others on the squad, perhaps. Tice also said that its easy for the ship's captain to pilot the ship in good weather, but it's up to a good captain to lead the ship to shore in rough seas - or something like that. So, for anyone who doubts Tice, this should erase any doubts as to his understanding of the team's problems. He also said that they are going to look at what they did wrong, and fix it quickly. Also, that everyone needs to stay within themselves. They are running the same plays that have been called for the past 6 years or so, and if players stay within themselves that the plays will come. So, it looks like all the Purple Problems will be solved by Sunday. This does make me feel much better, and should alleviate any concerns about Minnesota moving forward.
  10. Texans Fire Offensive Coordinator

    AND, please show him that big, strong, fast, strapping lad Andre Johnson, too. PLEASE!!!
  11. Larry Johnson

    To keep this from being a complete group hug, I do not agree with this. From what I saw last night, I think the Raiders keyed more on Holmes than on Johnson, but I could be wrong. I still saw Holmes flash his greatness and get his touchdown against a defense that clearly was geared to stop Priest Holmes. I am impressed with Johnson, I just don't think his time will exceed the 2-1 ratio designed to keep Holmes as fresh as possible. The comment above about who gets the rock in crunch time does have a bearing on the season, IMO. I think in the big time close games, Vermeil will turn to Holmes when it matters, and that time will result in continued and possibly increased TD's for Holmes later in the season. I can't remember...what is the contract status of these two players?
  12. Moss!

    Although the performance of the team in the first two games makes anything Purple difficult to defend, I will stick to my guns. Tony, I never once said the Vikings offense would be better without Moss. In fact, I have said that it was better with him. There are a lot of factors that have put this team in the disarray it is now, and I think most people in the same situations would point to coaching as being the major issue in a team's success, failure, or at least basic level of performance. I showed in the numbers that there wasn't a huge difference in offensive output last season with Moss out of the lineup. In fact, in a couple of the games where Moss played you are correct, he had little to no effect. I watched the games where he was out the to start those games, and he had ZERO real effect. He limped around, took a few ginger-steps, and the defense QUICKLY realized that he was not a factor. For those that watched those games, it was laughable and ridiculed. Moss calling for the ball on every passing play is a guy trying to win? So, all the other receivers in the league that don't do that aren't trying to win?'s a man who thinks he is above the game. He is a special talent, yes. Should Collins have thrown the ball up to him more than he did? Yes. Will he start pouting and mouth off if Collins doesn't do that? Yes. The thing is...Norv Turner fancies himself as an offensive genius and will not stand for a player calling him out, which is exactly what Moss will do if the Raiders continue to lose games. Moss will make plays other receivers won't. He will also get flagged for pushing off as often as he benefits from the contact he usually creates. He will also take plays off, which will hurt the offense. Did you see the look on his face towards the end of that game? It's going to get progressively worse unless they can turn it around. It may take a few games, but it will happen. I'm not reluctant to say that I miss what the Happy Moss can bring to the table. I miss those big plays...I wore my #84 jersey most game days and jumped and screamed when he made those amazing plays. I also have never experienced real winning with Moss, and have experienced embarrassment because of his antics and comments. I am overall STILL much happier with the current roster, but need to see new coaching to take advantage of it. The Linehan departure is a bigger overall loss from everything I can see than the Moss loss. We shall see. All that being said...I am impressed with your Bengals squad. They look like a team to be reckoned with this season. Enjoy it, you deserve it.
  13. Moss!

    I mistakenly typed in that Moss missed 11 games last season, when I meant to say he played in 11 - missing 5. I think we're all a little "off" up here right Studying the "Moss effect" last season: Games WITH Moss: Record of 6-5, average points per game were 26.4. Games without Moss: Record of 2-3, average points per game were 22.8. The numbers above are expected...the offense is some better with Moss. the numbers point to about a FG missing with Moss missing from last season's games. Not the complete picture, but a study-able reference. Games without Linehan, featuring Loney pulling double duty as offensive coordinator and offensive line coach: Record of 0-2, average points per game are 10.5. Average points per game not counting Sharper's return for a TD are 7.0. The other possible problem for Culpepper is that Linehan was also the QB's coach and was a real mentor for Culpepper. That mentor is gone, and so, apparently is Culpeppers confidence and performance level.
  14. Calling all Purple Eater Fans!

    Will be listening to local radio today, and will post anything I hear. Last night on Tice's TV show he made an offhand comment that Burleson may be pretty hurt, he might miss a couple of games. This was only Tice scrambling for excuses in an interview he obviously hated having to do. He did mention that if he was hurt, then Koren Robinson would be activated and would be working into the mix. The Vikings mix is pretty sad, no matter who is in it right now. I gotta say the new offensive coordinator is not doing a very good job, nor is Culpepper.
  15. What's that little red light...

    And the scariest thing is that Tice said they were going to go back and watch the tape and get things fixed. Not only will the coaching staff continue to create their problems, they are going to watch them and try to come up with something to fix them. Don't think it can't get worse! This is Plan A...can you imagine what the Plan B adjustments are?!?