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  1. NFC East

    Do the Eagles repeat? I say very likely. Philly and Dallas clearly better than the Skins and the Giants.
  2. Who Will Win?

    I recommend grammar school.
  3. USC v. Oregon - Spread?

    The Duck freak I work with is. He has had a sheet of paper outside his cubicle every day since early July counting down the number of days until Saturday.
  4. Editing

    I've given up complaining about Bob Cunningham.
  5. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Packers. Then again, that's my favorite color, hunter green. Same reason why the Oakland A's and Seattle SuperSonics are cool.
  6. Boys-49ers

    The only worthy smack talk there is about this game is how unwatchable these two teams are. It ain't 1993 no more.
  7. Betting League

    Week 3 up yet?
  8. Trent Dilfer

    The axiom applies to fantasy football as well: If it's Brown, flush it down.
  9. Weekly Blitz

    Where do you get your odds? Some of these are drastically different than most lines I've seen....regardless: BUF CIN CLE NO TB
  10. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

  11. Cory Dillon for Randy Moss?

    I mean, huh? Why in god's name wouldn't you make that trade? Dillon isn't running particularly well to start the season. You have James and Cadillac to carry you. No brainer.
  12. Betting League

    In the spirit of fairness, and good betting karma, especially after getting worked over like an escort at a dental convention on Sunday, I wanted to point out that I didn't go 2-2. I went 1-3, with the 'skins saving my ass last night from an embarrassing shutout. Dock a point from my total.
  13. King Of The Mountain

    Indianapolis. Next week it starts getting interesting.
  14. Lefty has to answer to momma

    Expressed his viewpoint to the Indy sideline that he was #1 in a particular fashion that will cost him a 5-figure chunk of his salary.
  15. Saints/Giants game

    While that is lame behavior, I guarantee you it would have happened at every single NFL stadium.
  16. Collins or Dilfer

    Are you serious? Even if you are, Philadelphia's D has given up 17 points, Indianapolis' 10 points. Don't ever say "start" and "Dilfer" in the same sentence when discussing fantasy football. No, make that a paragraph. No matter what a Huddle writer puts in his weekly column.
  17. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    I say it's still week 2. As DMD said, enough of a sample to cast a leery eye, but not to write off completely. I'd be worried about a lot of RBs at this point....Dillon, Lewis, Green, Jones, Arrington, Holmes, etc., etc..
  18. this F*&^$^ grits and shins

    What's the deal people? You deserve to be ridiculed.
  19. Fantasy Hockey info?

    I've been playing fantasy hockey for four seasons, and have never found anything resembling a "cheat sheet" to draft from. The yahoo rankings will suck and frankly most people will be winging it this year when they come up with their sheets.
  20. Can I get opinions

    I just don't see this game as a defensive struggle. TBs defensive performance was aided by 2 RZ TOs and a penalty that called back a TD vs. the Vikings. BUFs defense was only on the field for 21 minutes vs. Houston, thanks to 5 TOs. They still gave up over 4 YPC against the run. I don't know that it's a barn burner, considering it's Losman's first road start, but I imagine the outcome to be a lot closer to 24-17 than 17-14.
  21. Can I get opinions

    Bills and the Over. #1, these teams can both score. #2, the Bills don't make mistakes the way Minnesota makes mistakes. This site sucks again today.
  22. Betting League

    Not to be a total putz, but is the Thursday deadline so we all get a look at the league picks on Friday?
  23. Betting League

    Justifications: Buffalo +2 @ Tampa Bay & BUF/TB OVER 35.5: I like the Bills this year, I don't like the Bucs. Not sure I can justify it any more than that. Plus, both these teams can move the football. I see a 23-20 kind of game. Washington +6 @ Dallas: I don't think the Skins have any real chance to win this game. Under Parcells, when the Cowboys win, they are 14-1-1 ATS. Including a 15 game non-losing streak. That's heavy. However, this might be Mark Brunell's last attempt to avenge the 1992 Apple Cup thrashing administered by the Drew Bledsoe led WSU Cougars to my alma mater, the UW Huskies. Brunell has never beat Bledsoe in their 3 NFL head-to-head meetings, and Husky football has never been the same since that ugly, ugly, ugly November night some 13 years ago. Arizona -1 vs. St. Louis: Next time your favorite pothead tokes up before an activity with the justification that everything is better on grass, bring up the St. Louis Rams.
  24. Betting League

    If I put under I'll stick with it, but I think I picked OVER...... penalty is fine, and I am open to making the time limit more flexible if we need to.